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Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Wawasee Community Schools Going Digital

Wawasee Community Schools Going Digital

Technology changes are heading our way and at a rapid pace. To help our students prosper in tomorrow's job market, technology skills are a necessity. Our corporation vision includes that we ensure our graduates possess:
  • Life and Career Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Information, Media, and Technology Skills
  • Core Subject Skills with 21st Century Themes
To do this, we need to get technology in the hands of all of our students. The school board has given it’s approval to pursue a 1 to 1 computing (1:1) and digital learning environment for our school corporation.

Please click and view this short video:

The administrative team and the technology staff understand that buying mobile devices is not going to be the answer to solving all student learning problems. But we do know that students are engaged by using these devices. However, if they are not used or not used properly, they are a waste of valuable resources. A successful 1:1 program requires that we begin to change the way that educators teach and help students invest in their own learning. Individualizing instruction, collaborating, problem solving, and creating products can all be done easier with the use of technology. We do not expect this change to be made overnight. It will be a gradual process over a period of years beginning by changing a few lessons at a time. Every lesson and homework assignment does not need to be digital. There needs to be a blend to better engage all students. Home Internet access will not be required to complete activities like homework. Homework can be downloaded while in school and synced when at school the following day.
We would like parents and students to:
  • Take an honest and open approach to this change
  • To give their best effort
  • Share their opinions in a constructive manner
  • Help shape this change to make Wawasee Community Schools the best learning environment it can be for all students
Our current progress:
Infrastructure: Wireless survey complete and access points purchased for Wawasee High School. Wireless surveys are in progress for all other school buildings.
Devices: We have been contacting and visiting other school corporations that have already begun this 1:1 process. We are looking at various models of laptops, netbooks, and tablets. We are also examining different operating systems. Major considerations include the ability to create products, security, online testing, and battery life.
Professional Development: We are planning summer training opportunities for digital curriculum resources including Build Your Own Curriculum, Moodle, Google Apps, and Gmail. These trainings will be continued throughout the school year.

Also, there will be training in the care and use of the digital devices.

Timeline: We cannot afford to give every single student a device next year. The school board has granted us permission to pilot this program with the incoming 9th grade students. Our plan would be to continue adding devices at the 9th grade level and in the second year of this plan, add 5th grade students. We are planning on a 4 year life span for these devices. So over a 5 year time period, every student grades 5 - 12 will have a device. Each year we do not adopt new hard copy text books, more text book rental money will be available to help purchase these devices. Also, during this time period, we will be piloting devices with classrooms in the K-4 grades.


Graduation for Wawasee High School will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2011, at 10:00 am in the spectator gym.


Wawasee Community Schools would like to congratulate the retirees for their many years of dedicated service!

Cynthia Bryan - Art Teacher - Wawasee High School

William Guinther - LRC Director - Wawasee High School

Mary Hurley - Athletic Director - Wawasee High School

Anna Christine Kline - Math Teacher - Wawasee High School

John Knisely - Math Teacher - Wawasee Middle School

Pamela Pletcher - English Teacher - Wawasee High School

Betty Jo Smith-Roberts - Guidance Counselor - Wawasee Middle School

We wish you the best.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Parents of Children with Disabilities

Marti Thompson, a Milford resident, would like to start a group for parents of children with disabilities, particularly for parents who might not have a support group. The group will be a positive atmosphere for parents looking for solutions and positive support. One goal is to connect parents with agencies and services that will help with the issues parents face. The group will help decide what direction it goes and the frequency of the meetings.

If you are interested or just want someone to talk to, call Marti at (574) 658-4475 or email at

Friday, May 20, 2011

2 hour delay

Friday, May 20, 2011: Wawasee Schools are delayed 2 hours with alternate kindergarten schedule due to fog.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fully-Funded Full Day Kindergarten

Much fanfare was recently made in Indianapolis about fully-funded full day kindergarten for next school year. It is political rhetoric. We presently receive $1030 per full day student for their additional one-half day of attendance. That amount will increase by $20 per student next year. Twenty bucks is not a deal maker or breaker for full-day kindergarten decisions!

For the state to fully-fund full day kindergarten in the same manner as grades 1-12 would require an additional $2000 per student. We presently ask parents to contribute toward our full-day program, based on a sliding scale. Free lunch students pay $10 per week, reduced are $20, and other students are $30. Even though any of those amounts are lower than day care for 1/2 day, we have had to go to small claims court to attempt collection for some uncollected fees. With current state along with parent payments, Wawasee runs an annual deficit for full-day kindergarten.

Although our extra 1/2-day program is a financial drain, no direct student instructional intervention is more effective than full-day kindergarten. Currently, almost half of Wawasee kindergarten students attend full-day. We are increasing full-day kindergarten classes by one at each elementary school. At that level, 75% of our kindergarten children will attend all day. The educational benefits will be great, though we will have to cover a larger financial drain. This is an investment that will pay large dividends for student learning now and in the future.

There are and will be some kindergarten parents who want a 1/2-day program. One AM kindergarten class at each elementary will remain to accommodate those requests.

No facility changes/projects will be needed to accommodate our additional full-day children.

Please feel free to contact me if you should have questions or comments about our full-day kindergarten program.

Dr. Edington