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Friday, August 15, 2008

ACT Results

Some students take the SAT test for college readiness, while others take the ACT test. Results from Wawasee for the ACT were recently released. English scores for WHS were 20.9, compared to 21.4 for the state. Math score locally were 22.5, with the Indiana average at 22.2. Reading for WHS was 22.4, with 22.5 being the state average. Science for us was 21.9, with the state trailing at 21.5. Overall, WHS students averaged 21.9 for the entire test, while the state average was 22.0.
A greater percentage of WHS students was judged ready for college on all scores than the state average. English and social science were higher subject areas for WHS students.
It's probably no surprise that the more math or science courses taken by a WHS student increases the probability that the student will score at a high level on the ACT math or science test, respectively
Thanks to our Wawasee teachers and parents for preparing our students so well!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Board Meeting

The Wawasee School Board met in the board room at the Central Office on Tuesday, August 12. North Webster Elementary School principal Kris Woodard led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Curriculum and Instruction Director Joy Goshert provided the invocation.

A Wawasee parent and patron, Mr. Mary DeGood, addressed the Board with concerns about the volleyball program in particular and athletic program in general. A letter was distributed to the Board by Mrs. DeGood.

Bob Lahrman, support services director, shared good news about progress of the transportation/maintenance building going up on Kern Road behind the school campus.

Hired for the coming school year were Jeff Spicher, ISTEP remediation at WHS, and Sara Harrison, part-time One on One coach at WHS. Jared Kingrey will teach social studies at WHS, Scott Schermerhorn will be in PE/health at Milford School, and Valerie Leininger will fill in at 3rd grade at Syracuse Elementary during a month's leave.

Leaving us (kind of) are Jaimi Andrew, 1/2 day Reading Recovery at Milford (She'll remain as 1/2 day Kindergarten.) and Janie Leach in Family and Consumer Science at WHS for a trimester leave.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Joy Goshert updated the Board on full-day kindergarten, NWEA testing, new teacher orientation, summer teacher training, and next week's beginning of the school year.

A donation to the Teen Parents Succeeding program was made by the Board.

The meeting lasted an hour.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Countdown to August 19

Thanks to each of you as parents for registering your children this week for the coming school year. We use the information to evaluate our class sizes, make decisions on transfer students requesting to attend Wawasee, and plan any schedule or bus route changes.

We are excited that several former students are returning to Wawasee High School and the Academy after time out of school. Those students have determined that finishing high school will get them where they need to go in life.

The Teen Parents Succeeding program completed a successful year in 2007-08, with 5 students graduating. Best wishes to each of them as they head off to further schooling.

Thanks to each of our dedicated coaches, directors, and sponsors who are already getting teams, the band, and clubs ready for their first games and matches. It's an exciting time for all.

We looking forward to the morning of the 19th. I'm sure that you are, too!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wawasee Health Services

Nurses in the five schools which make up the Wawasee Community School Corporation report that 22,148 students were seen for health services and 6003 were seen for medication administration last year. In addition, 1227 vision screenings with 196 referrels were completed.

Among the items done by our nurses are diabetes management, inhalation treatments, gastric tube feedings, management of medically handicapped students, seizure management, asthma management, weights and heights for K-5 students, assistance with hearing screening, and - you were waiting for this one - head lice. The nurses conduct conferences, work with teachers and counselors, contact parents and community organizations, and help with tough situations.

Some of the student classes taught during the year are human growth and development - or the growing up talk - in grade 4, state mandated self breast exam and self testicular exam in grade 10, and dental hygiene in grade 1. Staff classes include diabetes management, bodily fluid precaution training, MRSA, 5th disease, and g-tube feeding.

The Wawasee Community Schools sure have busy and productive nurses for our children!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A New Indiana Law

Wawasee Community Schools and other Indiana corporations are preparing for the new school year. Among the changes is a new state law, SEA 219, which requires school corporations to provide paid break time each day to an employee who needs to express breast milk for the employee's infant child. The break occurs at the same time as any break time that is already provided to the employee. Efforts on the part of the school corporation to provide a private room or other location close to the employee's work area must be made. The statute prohibits a toilet stall from being provided for this break. In addition, reasonable efforts must be made to provide cold storage for the keeping of the expressed milk. We will be reviewing our employee policies and facility options to comply with the new legislation.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The School Road

The roadway in front of Wawasee High School is undergoing improvements this summer. The Town of Syracuse is placing larger drains at the side of the road, installing curbs, reworking the intersections, and milling and repaving the Syracuse -Webster Road. While work is expected to continue through August, we'll work with the Town to coordinate traffic in and out of the high school campus. The walking trail used by many citizens will be replaced as the project is completed. We are happy for this upgrade to aid the safety and convenience of drivers, bicyclists, and walkers in the school area.