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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Commencement Addresses

For all those who were unable to attend the Wawasee High School 2007 Commencement, we feature the audioblog replay of our Valedictorian and Salutatorian Addresses.

Just click on Play in the top left corner and you should hear the actual voices of our very own Wawasee students.

Thank you Lindsey and Elizabeth for making a special visit to my office today to make the recordings for the benefit of our community.

NOTE: I will take a break from blogging for a few weeks.

Enjoy your summer!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Class of 2007

Here is a "by the numbers" look at the Class of 2007. But...they AREN'T numbers. These are our students!

280 students as incoming freshman
201 students in the commencement class
45 students transferred to other schools
10 transferred to home school
1 student has passed away
1 was expelled and never returned
11 are working on their GED right now ... somewhere else
20 students are still in the Wawasee Academy and could graduate next year
5 have already earned a GED and moved on
3 dropped out with an official exit interview
9 students received a certificate of completion or attendance
16 students had special learning needs – 11 of them earning a diploma
9 foreign exchange students
6 students transferred here from other schools and are graduating
29 students received their diploma by working through the Wawasee Academy
50 students are in the Academic Hall of Fame
6 are graduating with Distinction with a GPA 10.7-10.9
13 are graduating with Highest Distinction with at GPA of 11.0+
65 are graduating with an Academic Honors Diploma with Core 40
80 are graduating with Core 40
33 are graduating with the regular diploma
122 of our current seniors plan on attending a 4-year college this fall
21 plan on attending a 2 year college
15 plan on attending a vocational or technical school or apprenticeship
35 plan on joining the workforce

I point these statistics out because the constant, simplistic, negative, drum beat against public education does not do much to describe the complexities and diversities of life today.

Congratulations students!

We wish you the very best!