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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Press Release from the Kosciucsko County Health Department

Press Release: 2009 Novel H1N1 Status Update for Kosciusko County

  • A significant rise in influenza-like-illness has occurred in Kosciusko County.
  • Many of theses illness have tested as positive for Influenza A. Most influenza A that is occurring is due to the 2009 Novel H1N1 influenza strain. This is also occurring throughout the state and country.
  • As of this time most 2009 H1N1 infected individuals are experiencing mild illness and do not require medical care or testing.
  • Individuals with mild illness should remain home and treat the illness as any other “flu.”
  • The ill individuals should remain home at least 24 hours after the fever is gone.
  • Individuals with severe illness or special health consideration should consult with their healthcare providers.
  • The current recommendations do not recommend exclusion of contacts or family of those with probable or confirmed H1N1 illness from work or school.

The Kosciusko County Health Department continues to work with local healthcare providers, schools, pharmacies and business to be prepared for distribution of the 2009 H1N1 Novel Influenza Vaccine.

  • Release of the inactivated vaccine is anticipated in mid to late October, but no date has been provided to anticipate delivery.
  • Release of attenuated flu vaccine, flu mist, is anticipated to be released slightly sooner but no date has been provided to anticipate delivery.
  • An initial shipment will be received and distributed, and then ongoing shipments and continuing efforts to provide vaccination are planned.
  • The vaccine will be distributed to priority groups. Once priority groups are vaccinated the vaccine will be available to those individuals that are not part of a high priority group.
  • Vaccine is anticipated to be received on an ongoing basis until the population has been provided the opportunity for vaccination.

Vaccination efforts initially focus on 5 target groups:

  • vaccination for pregnant women
  • people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months of age
  • healthcare and emergency medical services personnel
  • persons between the ages of 6 months through 24 years
  • people ages 25 through 64 years who are at higher risk for novel H1N1 because of chronic health disorders or compromised immune systems

Once the demand for vaccine for the prioritized groups has been met at the local level, programs and providers should also begin vaccinating everyone from the ages of 25 through 64 years. Current studies indicate that the risk for infection among persons age 65 or older is less than the risk for younger age groups. However, once vaccine demand among younger age groups has been met, programs and providers should offer vaccination to people 65 or older.

General CDC information on H1N1 illness:

Friday, September 18, 2009

Spring 2009 ISTEP+ Results Released

On Wednesday, September 16, 2009, Dr. Tony Bennett, superintendent of public instruction, released the spring ISTEP+ results. You can read the press release here.

Wawasee Community Schools had the following percents of students passing:
  • Grade 3 English/Language Arts: WCSC-75% (State of Indiana-74%)
  • Grade 3 Mathematics: WCSC-77% (State of Indiana-72%)
  • Grade 4 English/Language Arts: WCSC-76% (State of Indiana-73%)
  • Grade 4 Mathematics: WCSC-81% (State of Indiana-70%)
  • Grade 4 Science: WCSC-77% (State of Indiana-71%)
  • Grade 5 English/Language Arts: WCSC-72% (State of Indiana-70%)
  • Grade 5 Mathematics: WCSC-83% (State of Indiana-76%)
  • Grade 5 Social Studies: WCSC-54% (State of Indiana-60%)
  • Grade 6 English/Language Arts: WCSC-70% (State of Indiana-69%)
  • Grade 6 Mathematics: WCSC-78% (State of Indiana-73%)
  • Grade 6 Science: WCSC-58% (State of Indiana-54%)
  • Grade 7 English/Language Arts: WCSC-67% (State of Indiana-67%)
  • Grade 7 Mathematics: WCSC-77% (State of Indiana-68%)
  • Grade 7 Social Studies: WCSC-58% (State of Indiana-58%)
  • Grade 8 English/Language Arts: WCSC-66% (State of Indiana-65%)
  • Grade 8 Mathematics: WCSC-65% (State of Indiana-67%)

From the Indiana Department of Education's Press Release: "Last year, the Department of Education established the ISTEP+ Parent Network, an online resource offering parents secure access to their students’ ISTEP+ scores. Accessible on demand throughout the year at, families can use the ISTEP+ Parent Network to review students’ latest assessment results quickly and easily and connect to useful educational resources. Parents who do not receive a letter containing secure ISTEP+ Parent Network login information should contact the student’s school directly."