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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Administrative Changes at Wawasee

The Wawasee School Board last night approved a number of administrative changes for 2005-2006.

These changes are a response to Mr. Mikel taking the superintendency in Bremen and Mrs. Rathke announcing her retirement.

The board approved the following moves:

The transfer of Jim Garner to Syracuse Elementary due to the retirement of Sue Rathke.

The transfer of Kris Woodard to North Webster Elementary to replace Jim Garner.

The transfer of Joy Swartzentruber to Central Office to replace Russ Mikel.

There will be openings for an assistant principal at Milford and a principal opening at Wawasee Middle School.

We wish to thank Mrs Rathke for her 9 years of dedication to Wawasee Schools and our students. She has done a tremendous job and we wish her luck in her retirement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What a mess! Sounds like everyone joined the dance and left with new partners. I hope the students, parents and staff adjust to the changes quickly.