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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Commencement Addresses

For all those who were unable to attend the Wawasee High School 2007 Commencement, we feature the audioblog replay of our Valedictorian and Salutatorian Addresses.

Just click on Play in the top left corner and you should hear the actual voices of our very own Wawasee students.

Thank you Lindsey and Elizabeth for making a special visit to my office today to make the recordings for the benefit of our community.

NOTE: I will take a break from blogging for a few weeks.

Enjoy your summer!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I was at central office Monday and it appered one of the employees there brought their kid to work with them. Is that a new school policy? Is anyone else alowed to take their kids to work with them in the corporation? Can teachers and other staff do that now too? It seems like the people in that office should set an example. Kids don't belong there. Why was there one?

Bryan Waltz said...

This is such a wonderful tool!

I appreciate Dr. Stock's willingness to put the effort into this initiative -- and hope that he leaves the Wawascene behind for his successor -- and that his successor continues the tradition!

Thanks, Dr. Stock.

Elizabeth Olson said...

-in response to first comment:

Lindsey and I (The salutatorian and the valedictorian) were both in the central office today getting Dr. Stock's aid in figuring out how to use the recording program so we could get our speeches up on this blog. If this offended you...sorry, but we were only there for about 15 minutes to record our speeches and leave. We were not "someone's kid" and were only there doing work for corporation and even braved the rainy roads to come in on a day seniors didn't have to be at school.

Anonymous said...

...and it is an acceptable practice for teachers' kids to be at school with them during non-instructional times. I have seen this occur at the high school on snow days, inservice days, and before/after school after the bus drops the kids off at the back down, #1.

Anonymous said...

Both of those speeches are impressive. Great job, Elizabeth and Lindsey! You're great role models.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Stock: We are sorry to learn you are leaving Wawasee but congratulate you on your new position with U of W. Thank you for the support you offered TPS this year in our effort to help teen parents stay in school and continue their education. We wish you and your family an easy transition to life out west.

Kathleen Johnston - Secretary - Teen Parents Succeeding (TPS) Board of Directors

R. Noble said...

IF an office employee had a need to bring their child to work, then I applaud the corporation for allowing an exception to something that doesn't usually happen. Sometimes things happen that one cannot help and you deal with it. What a great employee to bring their child (if that's what happened) and continue working rather than call in and stay home.
As far as having kids at the school (and I realize that post was for and not against it), it is nice that someone's child can come in after school or on snow days with them. I enjoy knowing the children and families of the faculty and staff at Wawasee.
Post #1, why is this your concern? If it's an issue, I'm sure the appropriate individuals handled it. I also hope that if a child was brought in, whatever emergency might have caused it is resolved and everyone is ok. You should be concerned instead of critical.