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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Board Hones Skills at ISBA Academy

Members of the Wawasee School Board, George Gilbert, Becky Linnemeier, Dallas Winchester and Mike Wilson, along with Interim Superintendent Kline attended the Summer Board Member Academy at the French Lick Springs Resort in French Lick, Indiana on July 12-13. This seminar sponsored by the Indiana School Boards, introduced new school board members to the many facets of boardmanship along with reinforcing these principals to numerous veteran board members and administrators.

A full schedule was featured during this two-day seminar covering such topics as consequences of bad board member behavior, school board's role and responsibility, productive board meetings, general assembly and public education and a host of others. Guest presenter, Pat Shoulders, Indiana University Board of Trustees Member and Evansville-Vanderburgh County school attorney shared his experiences relating to being an educational leader in today's educational environment.

"The session for new board members was most helpful," said Mrs. Linnemeier. Wilson agreed, saying "we gained a lot from these sessions, and I could have listened to Pat Shoulders for a couple of hours." "There is much we can learn from interacting with other board members from around the state, and it was great we were able to have a majority of our board present" said Board president Dallas Winchester. Those attending all agreed the meetings were timely, interesting and most valuable.


Anonymous said...

this com. isnt about this but i dont that middle school kids should be told where to sit i mean you put two schools together in one building and you want them to sit together at lunch just let them sit where they want they will make friends on their own at their own pase its a new school with new people they want to sit with their friends not where you tell them.

Anthony Cassel said...
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Anonymous said...

Would it be possible for all of us to check the grammar before sending off our posts? This is a school blog.

Anthony Cassel said...

At Wawasee Middle School, students are allowed to sit with friend of their choosing. They are also allowed to pull tables together to permit more of their friends to sit together. If you have concerns about the cafeteria procedures, please feel free to stop in and see me after school is back in session.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cassel certainly recognizes that 6th graders were required to choose their seats on a given day last year -- then those were their assigned seats for a long time. In some cases students sat alone the first day as they had not made friends -- and they were, then, required to sit alone for the remainder of the time. My daughter also states that there is also a limit of 4 students per table and since students are released to lunch by block, students from one block may sit together -- leaving their friends from another block who haven't made friends in that other group yet -- to sit alone because of space limitations.

Certainly, I hope Mr. Cassel is being truthful in his statement -- perhaps he has changed the policy.