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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Board Notes

Wawasee Community School Corporation
December 13, 2007
During its regular meeting on December 11, the Wawasee Community Board of School Trustees:

Commended Randy Warren for being named the Indiana Small and Rural Schools educator of the year.

Received the following support personnel resignations:

1. Miss. Tyson Niles as Title I Parent Involvement Paraprofessional at Syracuse School.

Approved the following support personnel for employment:

1. Ms. Jamie Meek as Computer Technician Paraprofessional at Syracuse School.
2. Transfer of Beth Polsean from Wawasee Middle School to Wawasee High School as Resource Paraprofessional

Accepted the following certified personnel items:

1. Mrs. Mickey Speicher, Fifth grade teacher at Milford School—maternity leave February 28 through May, 2008

Agreed to the following certified personnel for employment:

1. Mr. Brian Bowser—temporary teacher at Syracuse to replace Jeanette Wood
2. Ms. Catherine Bowen—temporary science teacher at Wawasee High School beginning 1/24/08 through 5/30/08

Authorized payment, claims for the period 11/1407 through 12/14/07

Accepted the financial report as presented by Mr. Evans

Approved advertising for Tax Anticipation Warrants for 2008

Adopted a Frame Work for Literacy as presented by Mrs. Goshert

Changed the date of the January board meeting to January 15, 2008

Adopted a goal for Expenditure Categories as required by Indiana Statute

Received an overview of Wawasee Community School’s ISTEP scores as presented by Mrs. Goshert and Mr. Cockburn