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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Waiver Granted by State for Missed Days

The Indiana Department of Education has granted our waiver request of two days for the Wawasee Community School Corporation. Barring unforeseen situations, our student year will conclude on Friday, May 30, with the final teacher day on Monday, June 2.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. Edington. It makes summer vacation easier to plan now that we know our last day will be May 30.

Anonymous said...

i was just wonderin y warsaw bus windows are tented and wawasees are not

Anonymous said...

Really? tented? Or did you mean tinted?

Anonymous said...

I also believe the above poster meant "why" instead of "y". Good grammar, punctuation, and spelling goes a long way in respecting the poster on a blogsite. In the future, your question might look like this: "Why are Warsaw's bus windows tinted and Wawasee's bus windows are not tinted?"

It it always helpful to re-read one's post before hitting the "submit" button!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dr. Edington,
Alot of parents would like to know about the Kindergarten situation.
Parents are getting nervous about their children going all day. Also worried about so many teachers moving grades.

Anonymous said...

The above spelling and grammar will be normal and the old will become abnormal as we have moved into the text message/technology era. We can fight it for a while, but it is going to happen over time where one takes over the other in what is acceptable.

I am in the older group and would love to force others to become more formal, but the facts are facts.

Then we wonder why schools aren't doing a better job of getting kids to learn how to read and write in a formal manner. Huh?