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Friday, August 15, 2008

ACT Results

Some students take the SAT test for college readiness, while others take the ACT test. Results from Wawasee for the ACT were recently released. English scores for WHS were 20.9, compared to 21.4 for the state. Math score locally were 22.5, with the Indiana average at 22.2. Reading for WHS was 22.4, with 22.5 being the state average. Science for us was 21.9, with the state trailing at 21.5. Overall, WHS students averaged 21.9 for the entire test, while the state average was 22.0.
A greater percentage of WHS students was judged ready for college on all scores than the state average. English and social science were higher subject areas for WHS students.
It's probably no surprise that the more math or science courses taken by a WHS student increases the probability that the student will score at a high level on the ACT math or science test, respectively
Thanks to our Wawasee teachers and parents for preparing our students so well!


Anonymous said...

I do not have a comment regarding the ACT results, I do however have a question regarding sports and the point/award system. We are new to all this and it seems both a bit confusing and 'unjust' if I'm understanding it right.
Ok, the way I understand it is that athletes have to participate in 25% of the entire season games. Is this right? This seems so unfair to those athletes that go to every practice every time, put in all their time and effort, dress for games, attend all games and yet don't participate. Do they not get anything for all that? What about those kids that are asked to dress out for varsity...they get no recognition or points/awards for that? What about those athletes that are on 'special teams' for some of the sports? Will they ever get in 25% playing time?
I know with other schools (and I've heard way in the past for Wawasee) that the athletes were awarded points/awards for all their efforts of being at practice, dressing out and being at all games...why don't we do that? It seems so unfair to only reward the good athletes and not the ones that put in just as much time, effort, spirit, enthusiasm, etc.
Please clarify this for us.

Anonymous said...

Why not call the Athletic Director, Mary Hurley and have her address your questions?

Mary Hurley said...

Regarding the post questioning the award system in athletics - Wawasee athletic awards are based on a "major" award (basically a varsity level accomplishment) or a "minor" award (anyone from the varsity that did not qualify for a major award, a junior varsity player or frosh level player). Each sport lists lettering requirements in the athletic section of the student handbook

Major awards receive 2 points for each award; minors receive 1 point. Points are accumulated for departmental awards.

I would be more than happy to have you call or stop by the athletic office for a more in-depth explanation or answer any other questions.

Anonymous said...

Its basically like your saying give everyone equal playing time for just practicing. thats not the case. the majority of varsity rosters is made up of junior or senior, with the exception of the underclassmen capable of playing at a higher level. If your child wants to earn a varsity letter then maybe they should wait until they are a junior or senior. thats what i did and now im a starter in all of my sports.