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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Corporation Wellness Committee

The Wawasee Community School Corporation Wellness Committee met on Thursday, September 25, 2008. Our present wellness policy was reviewed. Discussion centered on the school lunch program, vending machine choices, student party treats, staff and student fitness, employee assistance program, and health insurance. Becoming a smoke-free school corporation was also discussed.

A WHS student and a PE teacher will be added to the committee. Present committee members were George Gilbert, school board president; Tom Edington, superintendent; Ellen Stevens, WHS principal; Alan Frank, WHS assistant principal; Myra Alexander, corporation nurse; Tony Cassel, WMS principal; Cindy Kaiser, Milford School principal; Kris Woodard, North Webster School principal; Jim Garner, Syracuse School principal; Jane Holloway, North Webster cafeteria manager; Kristen Steffen, community member; and Patsy Doty, parent member.

The committee will meet again during the fall to consider any changes to the present policy. A list of possible additions to our policy from the NEOLA Company was distributed as “homework” for the next meeting.


Anonymous said...

As a parent, may I suggest taking all of the junk off the the back of the lunch line? (Syracuse Elementary) I have eaten lunch with my children and seen kids eat chips and ice cream for lunch, leaving their tray untouched. I realize that the school makes money from selling these "extras", but at what cost to our kids?

I would think that selling all the junk food would hinder what this committee is trying to achieve.

Anonymous said...

I know the teachers/cooks/staff really encourage the eating of the tray food first before the extras, so don't go there please. I am concerned, however, at all the "fatty" foods our kids get. I hope that was addressed at the wellness committee. I realize some kids won't eat some of the vegetables, but I'd rather see that being offered than other foods that aren't so good for them. Pre-packaged chicken sandwiches, tenderloins, etc. are not good for them! Read the labels! I also think the chips, cookies, and ice cream should go away. Leave the fruit, string cheese, etc., but get rid of the empty calories!

Anonymous said...

I'm a student here. We do not really have junky foods at the high school We might have chips, but not much more.
If you were to take away the chips you might as well take away the vending machines as well. Students sneak back there all the time, and that's where you actually find the candy and sodas.

What I think we should do is actually get better food. If we had something that students would actually ENJOY eating, maybe we wouldn't be so tempted to get the "junky foods".

Anonymous said...

Pleasing eveyone is nearly impossible on this topic. Kids will eat what they like no matter what is offered. At the high school they try very hard to offer fruit, salad, and raw vegies every day! They are attempting to make meals more "kid friendly" with what is , I am sure, a very limited budget!

Anonymous said...

What if we were allowed to bring in our own food.
My parents and I still do not see the problem if they feel like bringing me in McDonalds.

Either way I could eat healthy or unhealthy food. Both offer the same, I would just rather enjoy what I'm eating.

Would there really be a problem if the school just offered this to seniors? Probably not.