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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alternative to Suspension & Expulsion for Middle School Students

The Alternative to Suspension and Expulsion Program, otherwise known as ASE, provides placement for students in middle school who have been suspended or expelled from school. Prior to the ASE program, a student who committed a major infraction of the school rules was suspended or expelled to home for some period of time. The result was that the student returned to school further behind than when he or she left, and nothing was done to address the behaviors that led to the suspension. The ASE program was created for this need.

Students that are sent to the ASE now have the opportunity to attend alternative school for half a day. During this time the students work on their academics, as well as the reasons why they were sent there in the first place. A licensed teacher provides personal instruction to help the students keep up on current assignments, catch up on late work, as well as assess the students' academic abilities. The students also work with a licensed mental health therapist to work on behaviors and conflict management. For students who are assigned there for three or more days, they are required to meet with the school, parents, and ASE staff members to help communicate the students' needs and discuss preventative measures to reduce repeated offenses.

The ASE program is in its 5th year, and each year helps provide new insight as the program continues to grow and evolve to help best meet the needs of Wawasee’s students.

-written by Mark Mitchell, Mental Health Therapist


THERESA said...

Hi, I work at an alternative school in Georgia and would like to know if this program has been adopted by other traditional schools. Has there been a decrease in the need for suspensions and expulsions as a result of this program being put in place?

Joy Goshert, Director of Curriculum & Instruction said...

Theresa, I know there are a couple of corporations around us that have something in place for middle school students. We have had a decrease in suspensions and expulsions. Since we implemented the program, we have had a decrease in the number of students that repeat going to the ASE during the school year.