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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thanks, DEKKO Foundation!

Milford and Syracuse Schools were fascinated by the African Drum Ensemble a few weeks ago, and on Friday had the opportunity to see Synergy Brass Quintet live in concert. Synergy Brass Quintet performs more concerts than anyone in classical music today, averaging nearly 300 engagements a year. They have traveled to every corner of the globe and are internationally recognized as one of the world's premier brass ensembles. They have been on NPR, NBC, ABC, the Hallmark Channel and performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Boston Pops. To have them stop in our own "corner of the world" was an amazing experience for our students and left them wanting more classical music. Who would have guessed classical music could be so exciting?!?! Again, thanks to the DEKKO Foundation for helping us make it happen!

written by Peg Zimmerman, Milford School


Anonymous said...

My son is a student at Syracuse Elementary. He really enjoyed both performances. I was a little bummed out that parents weren't invited. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it as well!

Anonymous said...

I have two children at SES and they loved the quintet. My daughter even got their autographs on a poster. I too would have loved to have been invited in for this. I was a musician in the Wawasee schools and still enjoy learning about different musical instruments and vocal styles

Mrs. Stump said...

The students knew about this in advance. There were several parents in the audience with us. Parents are always welcome, and you can always check out my website for dates of performances, rehearsals, etc. We have another performance this afternoon at 1:45 which is a woodwind ensemble. Feel free to join us! Watch for updates on the spring music programs for grades 1-3, the Talent Show, when the choir sings at Millers Merry Manor, and the Ice Cream Social.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Zimmerman is a phenomenal music teacher and does an outstanding job at Milford School. Our children are truly blessed by all that she does to enrich students' lives through music. She is a definite asset to Milford as well as the greater Wawasee area. We thank her for her efforts in writing this grant and bringing these experiences to our students!