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Monday, May 04, 2009

Wawasee Community School Coporation Board Meeting - April 21, 2009

The Wawasee Board of School Trustees met on May 21 at Milford School. A work session at 6:30 pm preceded the regular meeting. The Board was updated with plans for summer construction work to be completed at each building.
The regular session began at 7:00 pm. A $500 donation to the WHS by Brenda and Jay Rigdon was accepted by the Board, along with a $25,000 Safe Routes to Schools grant to educate our elementary children on safe walking and bicycling techniques to school. Over 80 trains per day pass through our school district, and they do not travel slowly! MS teacher Christie Holst and Roy Hufford wrote the successful grant.
Minutes, personnel recommendations, and claims were acted upon. Our retiring teachers this year, in addition to earlier announced WHS Career and Technical Education Director Phil Metcalf and WHS assistant principal Alan Frank, are Laurel Graham, Julie Gunden, Nancy Nelson, Betty Lambert, Jerri Mahnensmith, Karilyn Metcalf, Cindy Peterson, Beth Skaggs, and Mary Jo Short.
In other personnel news, Tracy Roberts was hired to replace Phil Metcalf, and MS teacher Roy Hufford is heading to Carroll Consolidated Schools as elementary assistant principal.
The Middle School Leadership Academy students and teachers presented their activitites during this school year.
ISTEP data for each WCSC school relating to adequate yearly progress (AYP) was discussed with Dr. Bob Cockburn, corporation data specialist. Syracuse Elementary School and Wawasee High School passed AYP in every category, while Milford School missed in only one area out of 23 possible. Wawasee Middle School missed the mark in the language arts portions of the ISTEP test, while North Webster Elementary missed on some math and language arts areas.
The Board approved 2008 construction projects that include replacing some classroom heating/cooling units at WHS and SES; lighting at WHS and portions of MS, WMS, and SES; boilers at WHS and WMS; and pool heaters at WHS and WMS. Final portions of the middle school roof will be replaced, and the vocational building will be remodeled. It will be a busy summer!
Salaries for both teachers and non-teachers will go up 1 and 1/2 percent for the 2009-10 school year.
The vocational business classes at WHS will be eligible for additional state reimbursement next year, due to additional teacher training and licensure.
Federal stimulus monies and Indiana state budgets were discussed as we look toward our financial future as a district.
Proposed handbook changes for '09-'10 were distributed to the board members. Those changes will be considered at the May meeting.
Middle and high school social studies textbook and materials adoptions were completed.
Next year's calendar, with the now-required 180 full days, is currently being discussed and changes will be brought to the board at a later date.
The next meeting is set for May 12 at 7:00pm in the WHS Lecture Room.


Anonymous said...

1 1/2 percent! Care to say slap in the face? It is more than 10% of inflation for last year I suppose.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe you are complaining in this economy - be thankful you have a job!

Anonymous said...

no doubt- I am a teacher and am glad I have a job next year instead of being RIFed! At least we got something. Thank you, Wawasee, for doing your best under these dire economic circumstances.