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Thursday, June 18, 2009

ISTEP+ Review Process

If you recall, many of our state's teachers and parents expressed concern over the spring ISTEP+ test.

Dr. Tony Bennett, superintendent of public instruction for Indiana, had members of his staff along with representatives of the testing vendor and more that 160 teachers conduct a comprehensive review of the spring ISTEP+ exam. The results of that comprehensive review were released on May 29, 2009.

Dr. Bennett states, "Although across all grade levels and four separate content areas, less than 2.5% of questions were determined to be substantially out of alignment, I and my staff understand the tolerance for error in high stakes testing is zero. I share your disappointment that even a single item was out of alignment, but am gratified that the responsive action will be swift and significant and, most notably, that student scores will not be affected as a result of the misaligned items."

To read all of the information released by Dr. Bennett regarding the comprehensive review, please click here. Click here for a breakdown by grade level and subject for all of the items reviewed.

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