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Friday, September 18, 2009

Spring 2009 ISTEP+ Results Released

On Wednesday, September 16, 2009, Dr. Tony Bennett, superintendent of public instruction, released the spring ISTEP+ results. You can read the press release here.

Wawasee Community Schools had the following percents of students passing:
  • Grade 3 English/Language Arts: WCSC-75% (State of Indiana-74%)
  • Grade 3 Mathematics: WCSC-77% (State of Indiana-72%)
  • Grade 4 English/Language Arts: WCSC-76% (State of Indiana-73%)
  • Grade 4 Mathematics: WCSC-81% (State of Indiana-70%)
  • Grade 4 Science: WCSC-77% (State of Indiana-71%)
  • Grade 5 English/Language Arts: WCSC-72% (State of Indiana-70%)
  • Grade 5 Mathematics: WCSC-83% (State of Indiana-76%)
  • Grade 5 Social Studies: WCSC-54% (State of Indiana-60%)
  • Grade 6 English/Language Arts: WCSC-70% (State of Indiana-69%)
  • Grade 6 Mathematics: WCSC-78% (State of Indiana-73%)
  • Grade 6 Science: WCSC-58% (State of Indiana-54%)
  • Grade 7 English/Language Arts: WCSC-67% (State of Indiana-67%)
  • Grade 7 Mathematics: WCSC-77% (State of Indiana-68%)
  • Grade 7 Social Studies: WCSC-58% (State of Indiana-58%)
  • Grade 8 English/Language Arts: WCSC-66% (State of Indiana-65%)
  • Grade 8 Mathematics: WCSC-65% (State of Indiana-67%)

From the Indiana Department of Education's Press Release: "Last year, the Department of Education established the ISTEP+ Parent Network, an online resource offering parents secure access to their students’ ISTEP+ scores. Accessible on demand throughout the year at, families can use the ISTEP+ Parent Network to review students’ latest assessment results quickly and easily and connect to useful educational resources. Parents who do not receive a letter containing secure ISTEP+ Parent Network login information should contact the student’s school directly."


Anonymous said...

Am I correct that the state (under the NCLB rule) wants all students at 80% this year and 90% next year?

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