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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wawasee Swim Program and Swimming Pools

I'm writing to answer questions and address concerns about the youth swim program and the corporation swimming pools.

The Wawasee pools are located at the high school (41 years old, six lane, no diving board, no visitor seating) and middle school (20 years old, eight lane, diving well with two boards, visitor seating). Renovation took place during the summer to replace the high school pool heater and controls at approximately $50,000. Middle school pool renovations were more extensive. They began in August and lasted into October. The heater was replaced, as was the air heating/cooling/dehumidifying unit for the pool area. Re grouting of the tiles covering the pool occurred, along with some plumbing repairs. New duct work was installed, with accompanying ceiling work. The middle school cost was about $300,000.

Other infrastructure work occurred in both buildings. Each received new lighting in the hallways and classrooms, along with power ventilation units on their roofs to remove CO2 and moisture laden air from the buildings. The middle school received a new roof. The high school A classrooms have new unit ventilators to distribute heat and air. New heating/air piping, and new domestic water piping, was installed in the high school. Both buildings received new generators for use in emergencies. New boilers replaced the 41 year old ones at the high school. You, as taxpayers, spent about 2 million dollars at each location, with savings to return for years to come in the form of lower utility bills and fewer repairs to old equipment.

Heating pool water and supplying appropriate pool chemicals for both pools totals about $100,000 per year. We are presently studying pool covers to decrease our pool utility costs.

The swim club uses the pool without rental fees while building custodians are on duty.

Someone asked about specifics of each youth swim program. I am uncertain of that information, but e-mails/blog postings would lead one to conclude that the basics of each program are similar.

The school district built the pools first and foremost for drown proofing / learn to swim activities for children and adults in our lake area. Instruction is held for school age children during the school year in both pools, along with summer swim lessons. Some of those children are ones who live here only during the summer months, but their parents/grandparents help pay for the pools and our schools. Lifeguards are trained in our pools to staff the many camps in our area during the summer months. Community and recreational use of our pools is good. Those who would question use and cost of our pools based upon competitive swimming may consider the bigger picture of their purpose and use.

If someone has swim club or swim team related questions or concerns, the person to receive those contacts is WHS athletic director Mary Hurley.

Wawasee is a fortunate school community to have swimming pools available for our children.