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Monday, January 17, 2011

Survey Open January 17-February 9, 2011

Wawasee's schools are asking for feedback from teachers, support staff, administrators, parents, and community members. The KEYS Survey was developed by the National Education Association (NEA) and is a research-based, field-tested process. Collecting and analyzing this data will become an important part of our school improvement process and will allow us to begin a reflective, problem-solving dialog that will help enrich and deepen our school improvement plans and efforts.

The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete, and parents and community members should take the survey for a particular school in our district. You are welcome to take the survey again for another school, especially if you have students attending more than one school. Each survey can be completed in English or Spanish. Individual responses are anonymous. Since the survey is online, you can complete the survey anywhere you have Internet access.

Instructions for Completing the Survey

  1. Go to and click on Take the Survey.
  2. Type in the school name or zip code of the school for which you are taking the survey: Milford School (46542), North Webster Elementary School (46555), Syracuse Elementary School (46567), Wawasee Middle School (46567), or Wawasee High School (46567).
  3. Choose the school for which you are taking the survey.
  4. Click on Take the Survey.
  5. Choose English or Spanish.
  6. Select Staff Survey, Parent Survey, or Community Survey.
  7. Click Start.


Anonymous said...

I did the survey and thought you could really come up with better questions. As a parent of 2 Wawasee Community School children I have asked several questions, they same ones everytime and guess what, they never get answered.

I think whoever makes up the rules for the students needs to practice what they preach.

My oldest has come home and told me other kids in the class have asked for help, they didn't understand, and the teacher has told them, you figure it out, I've explained it enough. Sorry, if the teacher feels he/she has explained it enough, then the kid should beable to understand, the teacher needs to keep working on figuring out a way to phrase or whatever until the kid understand.

I used to work in the schools, most of the teachers that I dealt with, are only there for the paycheck!

Anonymous said...

You really need to have someplace on here for parents and students to voice their opinions about the school. That is if you really want to know how we feel.

Joy Goshert, Director of Curriculum and Instruction said...

Thank you for completing the survey and for your suggestions. The survey is one that was developed by the National Education Association and is not a survey where we could add additional questions but is a survey that AdvancEd, a school accrediting organization, recommends schools use to get feedback. Dr. Edington and I will share your concerns regarding the lack of ability to add comments with our ACT Committee (Committee for Assessment, Curriculum, and Teaching).

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to answer the questions on the survey for the last 12 months when we changed administrators this year! There is no place to mark "Last year sucked...this year is better!"