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Monday, September 05, 2011

Update on SMART Start Wednesdays

Wawasee Community School Corporation's administrators and teachers have been working hard on SMART Start Wednesdays. Teachers have been busy doing the following:
  • Being introduced to a program Wawasee Academic Monitoring Package that has the capabilities for teachers to be able to see student data and look at in terms of a classroom as a whole or as an individual student in order to better make instructional decisions for students
  • Collaborating on curriculum in an effort to put curriculum in a format that can be put online where eventually parents and students will have access to the information and so that teachers will be more consistent in what is taught across the district
  • One of the following (all schools will cover each in the next five months): studying and discussing assessment data specific to their building, collaborating on special education issues specific to their building, learning vocabulary instruction tools to better help limited English proficient students along with studying the assessment data for their limited English proficient students, learning additional math instructional strategies, learning additional reading instructional strategies
The schedule for SMART Start Wednesdays goes through October. Our goal is to have a schedule out prior to the start of each month.

Each school has made arrangements for students to be supervised whose parents need to drop them off at school at the same time they do the rest of the week. For information specific to your student's school, please call the school's main office.

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Tony Cassel said...

It is exciting to allow teachers the opportunity to grow in their profession. The community and students are lucky to have an administration that has placed emphasis on professional development!