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Saturday, October 15, 2011

District Accreditation Visit

Wawasee Community School Corporation welcomes the Quality Assurance Review team members who will be with us Sunday, October 16-Wednesday, October 19. The team will be visiting schools and talking with teachers, students, parents, administrators, support staff, and other stakeholders.

On Wednesday, October 19, in the Wawasee High School lecture room at 2 p.m., the team will present an exit report to the board of school trustees noting things we are doing well and also giving us some things on which we need to work.

The following team members will be with us:
  • Dr. Steve Oborn, lead evaluator, is a former school superintendent.
  • Mary Mickelson, vice-chair, is an adjunct instructor at Indiana Wesleyan University.
  • Bruce Jennings is principal at Bremen High School.
  • Rebecca Vaughan is a sixth grade English teacher at Hebron Middle School.
  • Gloria Ritchie is a retired educator from Alexandria, Louisiana.

1 comment:

Tony Cassel said...

I am excited for Wawasee schools on their upcoming visit! They have worked hard to make Wawasee a strong, student oriented district with a focus on learning! I am anxious to hear how the visit goes!