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Friday, December 14, 2012

Comments from Dr. Edington

Dear Wawasee School Parents and Community,

The terrible tragedy which occurred at a school in Connecticut today saddens and scares us all. We hope that you sit down with your child, of whatever age, to talk about this random and senseless event. Then, give them a hug!

Our Wawasee School mental health therapists are developing a plan for primary, intermediate, middle, and high school teachers, administrators, and staff members to use Monday in helping our students (your children) deal with this tragedy. We'll review our school safety plans at Wawasee, talk about the need for locking school doors during the day, and work to reassure and instill trust that has been shaken by today's events.

It is so sad that we have to deal with yet another situation where innocent children and those who work with them are victims.

Tom Edington


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Anonymous said...

It's not enough to lock school doors as all you do is hit the button and you are let in. No questions asked and someone can come in behind you. The classrooms have one door with no alternative way out. Perhaps, classrooms can have emergency windows that once a classroom door is locked, the window comes out and students and teachers may exit through a window instead of being sitting ducks in a bathroom or closet. Jsut food for thought