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Monday, July 11, 2005

Warrior Open

Thanks to all the Warrior supporters that showed up at the South Shore Golf Course today to raise money for the Warrior Athletes.

We had a full slate of teams and plenty of door prizes. I will report on the scramble winners later.

The morning group had a 15 under card turned in.

Special thanks goes to Athletic Director Mary Hurley who really knows how to put together an event and take care of all the little details. She did have lots of help though!

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Anonymous said...

No one can understand the amount of work that Mary puts in for the Athletic Department at Wawasee. She works year round and does all the little things that take up extra time because she wants to do them right and properly. She is appreciated very much by coaches, parents and athletes at Wawasee. Her reputation with other schools, officials and the state is outstanding. This is evidenced by those committing to play in the outing.

Also, this event reminds me of how supportive our community and parents are. When I hear comments about unsupportive community support I don't understand it. This community is very supportive of our schools.

Under Mary's leadership, we are proud to be Warriors.