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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mrs. Hursh Named Academic Coach of the Year Finalist

Congratulations to Mrs. Beth Hursh. Mrs Hursh has been notified that she is a finalist for Indiana's Senior Division Academic Coach of the Year.

Mrs. Hursh retired last year after many years of serving Wawasee as a classroom teacher in the Foreign Language Department. She is well known for her love of the Academic Super Bowl program. She skillfully led Wawasee to many state finals and even state championships in the academic super bowl competitions.

The following web site link shows the announcements.

Congratulations Mrs Hursh!!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Hursh is certainly deserving of this honor! She has been an outstanding teacher for Wawasee Schools and has touched the lives of many students, especially through the Academic Super Bowl program.

While she is greatly missed as a teacher at Wawasee High School, I am thrilled she is able to continue to help with Wawasee's Academic Super Bowl program this year.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Hursh derserves to win this one! Her amazing energy for education is missed this year at W.H.S. Her readiness to keep helping the Academic teams, even though not an active member of the faculty speaks volumes about her as an educator. I wish there were a site to vote, as I would certainly cast my vote for Mrs. Hursh!