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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Board Meeting Highlights

Last night the WCSC Board of School Trustees:
  • Accepted a $1,000 donation from the Knights of Columbus for Milford School
  • Accepted $750 donation from the Syracuse Lions Club for the Academic Super Bowl
  • Approved retirement letters as of June 2006 for Randy Aalbregtse, Dena Chapman, Linda Harkleroad, Jane Modesitt, and Garry Ringler
  • Approved resolution to begin the process for replacing the WHS press box
  • Heard a report from Dr. Cockburn on the duties of the Data Technician
  • Heard a report from Dr. Stock highlighting teacher training on "Classroom Data," The HS Civil Rights Audit, the writing coach position and the All Write Consortium, and heard a report on The Wawascene blog site. The site is averaging almost 90,000 hits a month now. The Wawascene will soon feature it's first "podcast." It will be a short 2-3 minute audio explanation of student progress on ISTEP.
  • Heard a report from Ms. Swartzentruber on Reading Committee meetings, Writing Committee Meetings, and an Alternative School Program update. In addition to attendance, the Alternative School will now require progress towards credits in order to remain enrolled. The Calendar Committee report will wait until the General Assembly finishes this spring because there are several bills that could affect school calendars.

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Wenni Donna said...

Glad to know about this board meeting. Planning to arrange an office meeting at one of meeting space San Francisco as have heard a lot good points about it from a friend. Just want to have great day for all the attendees there.