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Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday Funnies

Today we will share teacher insights into....

How to tell you've been teaching for awhile....

I can tell I've worked with little children a long time. My daughter was messing with my necklace the other night. She kept lifting up my hair to see the necklace. Someone behind me asked, "What is your daughter doing with your hair?" My first thought was, "Probably a head lice check!"
Cindy Brady
Wawasee teacher

I knew I had been teaching 3rd grade awhile when my wife looked at me so disgustedly one day and said, "I am NOT one of your third graders! You do NOT need to explain it to me three times in three different ways!"
Dr. Stock
3rd grade teacher

In the old days you could always tell which ones were the teachers in the bank line on Fridays because they often had a purple smear on the side of their face from purple "black-line masters" used to make the worksheets.

Remember the friendship pins with the little beads on them that the elementary children used to give you years ago? I went to a meeting one time with a group of adults. We sat down in chairs in a circle. I crossed my legs and looked down and everyone was staring at a whole string of friendship beads that the kids had given me. I had pinned them on my shoelaces in front of the kids so they would know I appreciated it. I had forgotten all about them. I spent 5 minutes trying to explain. I gave up. I think you have to teach elementary to get it.

You know you went to school awhile ago if you can pass the sniff test.

Here goes...close your eyes, hold the stack of papers next to your face. Sniff deeply. If you smell the purple ditto ink still wet from the teacher running the worksheets during the break period...that means you went to school awhile ago. However, if you remember sneaking a smell of the wet papers while you were CRANKING the papers out by hand in the work room, then you really have been teaching for a little while! :-)


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What blocks do milford middle school have today????

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Grammar I
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