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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Board Meeting Update

At last night's special school board meeting the board:

Voted to accept the superintendent's recommendation to reject the lone bid for the high school plumbing project and to rebid the project in January with the work to be done next summer.

Mr. Lahrman and Dr. Stock explained that there was only one bid, most likely due to the tight summer work schedule. It was possible that other likely bidders had summer projects already lined out. It is hoped that by starting the advertising process in January there may be additional bidders interested in the job.

The board approved the following personnel actions:

  • Bob Long - retirement from Milford
  • Kelly Holbrook - hired as special education teacher at Syracuse
  • Jamie Baker - hired as temporary grade 1 teacher at Syracuse
  • Kari Flanigan - hired as school psychologist intern for the corporation
  • Kem Zolman - two year coaching contract - Girl's BB
  • Joe Rietveld - two year coaching contract - Football
  • Phil Mishler - two year coaching contract - Boy's BB

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