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Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday's Funnies

I'm walking into the building this morning, and one of my little second grade boys says, "Hi, Mrs. S., today's Show-n'Tell!!" in a very excited voice.

Understand that my caffeine hasn't settled into the brain yet - I muster a smile and say, "Really?" - almost enthusiastic. "

Guess what I brought? (Pause) I found it at the bus stop......" (uh-oh)(you'll never guess and I'm not making this up.)"Wanna see?"

"Sure" I said, a little concerned, definitely awake now and VERY curious. (At this time, I'd like to add that this child finds his way to the principal's office regularly!)

"Loooook!" - and he opens his backpack. And, up against his books and homework, is a possum. A dead possum. From last year. You know the kind, flat as a pancake, roadkill, just fur and bones. Completely intact. Eye sockets looking back at me.

I peered in, smiled and said, "COOL!" (Well, it was....) And off he went to his classroom - I wasn't going to spoil his fun. And I went to my classroom and died laughing.


Anonymous said...

Can the link to the school corporation site be fixed. I'd like to print the 2006-2007 calendar.


Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

Mine worked. Have you tried again?

We did have a power outage and I know that the Milford internet link was down on Friday morning. I was able to click on the web link on The Wawascene and go to Calendar and print one from here in central office on Friday afternoon.