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Friday, December 01, 2006

Mark's Mini Poll

Trying hard to be a good public servant and not a lazy slacker... :-) .... I have created a mini-poll of several popular radio stations that we can add to the call list if there is a demand for it. We can also poll on TV stations next week.

I will leave the poll up for about a week.

(Note: I have set it up so you can only vote once in case you were wondering why you couldn't vote 1,000 times :-) whining if yours isn't picked!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

You didn't leave a choice for "no additional station needed." You are certainly re going beyond the call of duty! :)

Dr. Mark J. Stock said...

I can fix that!

Anonymous said...

You really are a great Super, and I really believe Wawasee is lucky to have you! Thanks for all you do, and all the crap you endure!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find irony in the fact that this issue alone has generated more heated responses than about any other topic posted?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't THAT long ago when you had only WOWO to listen to for school announcements. They did them once an hour for all of northeast Indiana, southwest lower Michigan, and northwest Ohio. If it was really bad, it took nearly the entire hour to do them, and if you missed your county - tough! You waited or called a friend. You didn't call the station, or the school, or anyone else in authority, with the exception of your parents. We certainly are spoiled; it rather fits with the Friday Funnies article previous to this one!

Anonymous said...

I would like to say thanks for your blog. When I get up in the mornings to let my dogs out and see that it is foggy or has snowed, the first thing I do is check your blog. It is so easy and convenient. I don't have to listen to the radio and wait for the delays or cancellations to be announced all I have to do it click and read. I appreciate the fact that you let us know through your blog. I realize that this is an added bonus on your part and I just wanted to say thanks.
North Webster Elementary Mother of two.

Anonymous said...

I honestly do think that the Wawascene & the current chanels we have is satisfactory. However, there are many who don't have access to the blog or internet. They may prefer more media outlets be used. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a novel about Dr. Stock makes a phone call to every single parent out there? Come on parents get real. Next thing you know we'll be having a heated discussion on lunches! We need to focus and pull together on something much more important...our children's education! We have students and teachers alike that are overwhelmed. We (entire eduation system)are losing teachers like crazy due to not only the pay but also what is required by teacher and student. Take a look at what a teacher has to accomplish in the given time frame not only daily, but in a school year. Top it with overloaded classrooms, limited funds to purchase supplies, restrictions from the state as to what and how to teach, etc etc. As far as pay goes, have you every truly figured what they make? Sit down and figure out what a teacher would make if they truly were only babysitters...paid for each student by how many hours and days they litterally'd be amazed to see what the figure comes out to (somewhere around $60k/yr...those with masters would make over $100k) And this business of paying teachers bonuses for kids that pass grades and tests...oh come on, nothing like forcing some teachers to cheat!
Parents have the 'power' to make good changes in the educational system, stop worrying about delays/canellations, get together and make a difference~!