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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wawasee student is a published author!

A Wawasee High School student has her first book contract with a publisher. Her delightful children's book, "When You Don't Clean Your Room" was such an inspiration to the publishers that they started an international competition for high school students to write children's books.

Read more about Jami McDaniel on Ruth Ayres blog today.

PS: Twenty-two students in the 8th grade at WMS had the highest possible scores on their ISTEP writing sample. This is a new record for us! Jami is not the only one learning to write - but she is the first one PAID to write!


Cherie Martin, WHS said...

WOW, Jami!!!!
This is great. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

How can "tweeners" enter the contest? My daughter is interested.

Mindy Woodward said...

Great job, Jami!!! I remember Jami in the first and maybe second grades. I was a Title 1 para at the old NW School, and we had recess duty. Jami was my little "playground evangelist", always telling other little ones about Jesus. I've never forgotten that...Congrats, sweetheart!!