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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

WMS - State Academic Super Bowl Champions!

Congratulations to Wawasee Middle School Academic Super Bowl students and their academic coaches for their fine showing in the Indiana State Academic Super Bowl competitions.

Out of approximately 80 teams, our WMS English team was 1st in the state!

The Social Studies and Interdisciplinary teams finished 4th!

Thank you for all the hard work!


Kelly Thompson said...

Congrats - Congrats!

This is some of the academic excellence we need in our schools.

Just a few questions:

How are the team members for these academic teams chosen?

Do all have a chance to participate, either as competitors or in some other capacity?

I have been thinking that a newsletter at the middle school (like at the elementary school) keeping our students and parents up to date on weekly/monthly activities and opportunities would be greatly beneficial! I have had 4 students at this school and never even knew we had academic teams. This might be my fault - please let me know how to be better informed!

Proud Wawasee Mom said...

Congratulations Mrs. Neff and team!!! I know the girls really enjoyed practices and competition.

We are really proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I agree, my middle schooler tells me NOTHING until its too late!!! Could something even be posted maybe? I know papers don't even make it home!


Elizabeth Olson said...

As a high school Academic Superbowl team member, I can explain a little about how the process works in high school. However, I went to Milford, where Superbowl in middle school does not exist. In high school, students sign up for teams, and you don't necessary have to be a straight-A student to participate. There are several different teams, including English, Interdisciplinary, science, social studies, fine arts, and math. A team can compete up to 5 people in each competition. Duing a competition, 25 questions are read from a powerpoint, one at a time. The students have about 20 seconds to complete each question, and the winning team is the team that gets the most questions right.

Congrats to our middle school teams and good luck to our high school science and social studies teams as they compete in the state competition tomorrow at Purdue!