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Friday, May 25, 2007

World's Greatest Wakeboard Board For Sale :-(((

It's hard to wakeboard on the high plains! I may have to switch to the snowboard!

2001 Supra Launch for sale. Sleek yellow and white - very cool. I bought it new and I have been the sole owner.

It is an absolute monster of a wakeboard boat. It has Wakeboard Pro (cruise control for your board) which is absolutely essential for quality wakeboarding especially with a loaded boat throwing a thigh-high wake. It has a tower, speakers and radio, built-in ballast system and a custom ballast system for additional fat sacks. This is one of the deepest wakeboard boats made so it is also ideal for your family and kids. Rated for 13 people. It will NEVER take water over the nose like many ski/wakeboard boats.

Yellow and white. Have you priced a new wakeboard boat lately?

Price: $27,000.

Call me at 574-594-5956 in the evenings.

Also for sale? are wakeboards, skis, wakesurf board, life jackets and several assorted tubes and double tubes for you tube fanatics.

Get ready - Memorial Day weekend!


Anonymous said...

Although this page states that it is a "personal" web log, clearly, it has been used as an official school forum...even presented at a conference in this way. This is the primary official announcement location for school closings, etc...and people are regularly encouraged to use it as an official school site -- regardless of the disclaimer at the top.

As such, this posting is inappropriate.

Perhaps as you plan your exit strategy, you should remember that you still function as a role model to this community.

Anonymous said...

I just got a call from my child about an project at the art fair at the high school that contains graffic scenes of children getting their legs blown off and other horrendous activites of violence. I appreciate the right of free speech, but what about the students who are offended and traumatized by the project? Who protects their rights?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing inappropriate about Dr. Stock's post. He is and will continue to be an outstanding role model until he leaves for Wyoming.

itsrich said...

I have had the pleasure of boarding behind this boat. My whole family has ridden in it. It throws a monster wake. To all who would consider it, this is a great boat.

As for role model… How better to understand and be able to interact with the kids he is responsible for than to do the activities they participate in.

As for exiting… What a role model!! Mark is taking the next step in a career path that any of us would cheer our children on in. (sounds like someone is a little bitter)

Anonymous said...

In some ways, I agree with the original poster. It seems like this is a school corporation web site since a great deal of school business is directed here.

It would not be permissable for teachers to sell personal items from their school web page or for the school to post sale items on the school marquee.

And I'm not bitter...just thinking about what administrators would say if I posted things in my classroom, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am VERY upset with some of the displays at this years art show! The students that put alot of work into their work and did a very good job do not need them to be masked by the trash some were showing on their boards/video!I am very disapointed in how the school has reacted to this incident!

Anonymous said...

Teacher post items for sale on the time on the school e-mail service. I would say on a regular basis. It's not a big deal! Quit trying to make it one!

Cherie Martin said...

I would urge anyone with a concern about the art show to contact Cindy Bryan and Bill Eby dircetly, rather than just stating anonymous posts here. You should be able to speak more specifically about the pieces of concern if you contact them.

I didn't see anything that offended me, but that may be because I focused on things that fit my taste. I liked the pictures of ballerinas that seemed to impart a Degas quality as well as Amber Timmons' Georgia O'Keefe-like floral painting.

I hope everyone was able to find something they could appreciate that fit their taste.

R. Noble said...

The referred to video (which I chose not to view) was turned away from the art show and had multiple warnings on it that the material was violent in nature and offensive to some. The administration did an excellent job of making this known and handling a freedom of speech issue. I also chose not to view this student's presentation due to my personal religious and military beliefs. No one is forced to view the art presented and this video was not playing and was turned away when I visited the show.
Good job administration for handling a delicate issue well. To the anonymous poster- your child should have heeded the warning posters and not chosen to view the video.

Kelly Thompson said...

Thank you Wawasee Art Department/Wawasee High School for not deciding for us what is art! Thank you for the warnings and careful way the art was displayed! Art is an expression of the artist and his or her views/passions/interests/emotions. There may be rubrics for method, but should not be for content. This is a free country, thank you for helping to keep it that way!

Also - kudos to the art teachers at this school. My daughter just finished her first year as a fine art major in college and the only two students to earn "double A's" on their projects were both Wawasee Grads!!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Sarah Thompson! Way to go, lovely lady.

Lolicia said...

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