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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Superintendent Search Underway

The search for a new superintendent for Wawasee Community Schools officially began earlier this month. A brochure announcing the vacancy and an application form were mailed to every school corporation in the state of Indiana via the Indiana School Board's Association monthly mailing. Also the position has been posted with the placement offices of Ball State, Indiana State, Indiana, and Purdue Universities, as well as posted on the State Department of Education, Indiana School Board's Association and the Indiana School Superintendent's web sites.

The WCS School Board has chosen to use the University Consulting Team to assist them in the search process. This team consists of a member from each of the four major state universities, and will be chaired by the representative from Ball State University. Applications will be collected by the consulting team and screening will begin in early November.

Prior to the actual screening, the consulting team will meet with the Board to ascertain the needs of the school district and the Board. Once the team has screened the applicant pool to a workable number for the Board to interview, the consultants will review the interview process and protocol with the Board. At this point, the consulting team exits and the Board will interview those candidates best matching the needs of the district and the characteristics set by the Board.

The Board should conclude its interviews and background study and be prepared to announce the selected candidate at the December school board meeting. The new superintendent of WCS should begin his or her duties early in January.

If you would care to share characteristics you believe the new superintendent should possess, please feel free to contact a school board member.


Anonymous said...

I noticed a few things missing from the brochure that was posted in search of the new superintendent:
1) In order to have any sort of job security, the applicant must be willing to ignore current trends and research and favor the status quo.
2) A quality candidate in the eyes of this board will ensure that waves are not made, that principals keep things calm and don't ask teachers to move into the twenty-first century, and that we teach what we've always taught the way we've always taught it.

I know that Dr. Stock used to advocate change and a focus on the instructional process, but he dropped that topic to make sure things ran smoothly, and he hired principals who wouldn't really do much either.

Now we have policies that require me and everyone else in my department -- even across grade levels -- to do the same thing, which is great for reducing conflict, but it reduces efficacy to the least common denominator instead of allowing teachers to move students to the highest possible levels.

Anonymous said...

The above comment is interesting - given we are trying to attract a quality candidate to this position. As an educator in the system, wouldn't it be better to post your thoughts in a more positive manner? Why would you want to "rip on the past"; why wouldn't you want to speak up positively for what you want for the future?
1) I want a superintendent that has a vision and facilitates change.
2) I want a superintendent that is willing to tackle the tough decisions and hire the people necessary to make those decisions and persuade the school board why those decisions need to be made.

Be a "glass is half full person" rather than "a glass is half empty person"!

Cherie Martin, WHS Mathematics said...

I would want a new superintendent to know that we work closely with many students to help them earn college/university credit while they are still at Wawasee. We have had many of our students go on to distinguish themselves in their later academic and professional lives. For example, I recently received a copy of a paper written by Mat Johnson, who was once a member of my 2000-01 AP Calculus class and is now a mathematics doctoral candidate. Mat, we who were involved in your earlier education are so very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Now that Dr. Stock has left, why isn't the blog being utilized? SInce this was his pet, does that mean it died when he left?

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with the first commentor. We can say what we want, but the reality is that neither the board nor the community really want change.

What they want is things to run smoothly.

Anonymous said...

I believe that things can run smoothly through a change. I would like to know if the first commenter has taken the time to talk with any of the principals that Dr. Stock hired. I know of a few that embrace change and aren't afraid to think outside of the box. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Change takes time, ownership, buy-in from the staff and community. This not an overnight occurence. I would love them to be bold enough to identify what they do across departments and grade levels that reduce conflict. I will then offer a suggestion that will bring individuality and out of the box thinking to that concept!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, would like an administration that enforces the dress code for all students. Too many girls are running around with parts of them showing that shouldn't be. The male faculty looks long enough to get a shot of teenage eye candy, then turns the other way...Ask any student that doesn't fit in the "eye candy" category if you dont believe me.....

Cherie Martin, WHS Math Teacher said...

Whoa! This indictment of male teachers is just unfair. The male teachers who work in my part of the building work hard NOT to observe more than the faces of students who are showing too much of themselves. Some have even asked that we female teachers be sure to talk to the girls about their dress. In this day and age, that is the safest route for a male teacher.

We females DO talk with the girls whose shorts are too short and whose tops are too low. We have them put on other clothes. We have them zip up hoodies that are worn over low-cut tee shirts. Sometimes, if students have nothing else at school to wear, they are sent to the dean's office to get some more appropriate clothing there. A few days ago during senior homeroom, one bright girl, who should have known better, did zip up but loudly protested that she had cleavage and could do nothing about it.

Please take a look around the halls during passing periods. Teachers are standing outside their doors. While there, they are admonishing students who show inappropriate displays of affection or who think they are allowed to use ugly street language simply because they are no longer in formal classrooms. The teachers are also speaking with students who have come to school wearing items that do not align with the dress code. When we are able to get breaks from these responsibilities, we smile, greet students, and ask about how they are doing in their lives. It is important for us to have those exchanges, so that we can build positive relationships with students. So, please do NOT indict the male teachers. They are handling their responsibilities for hall monitoring in very much the same way as the female teachers.

Let's lay the responsibility for the girls who choose to dress provocatively and the boys who choose to wear either low-slung pants that leave inches of underwear exposed or side-ripped sleeveless shirts that show just as much skin as that shown by girls where it belongs. The students and their parents are the ones who buy the inappropriate clothing and who choose/allow that those items be worn to school.

Thankfully, when the weather gets cooler, we have fewer of these problems, but please, parents, look at your kids before they leave home in the morning. Do they offer images of themselves that are inapropriate? If so, have them change to more appropriate dress.

Anonymous said...

In reading these comments, I have to agree with most all of them on their subjects. What I did NOT see or hear was how to fix the problems! Everyone wants good superintendent, and it seems that most think changes are great, and needed, but they state the board won't change.
WE ELECT the board, so if you want real CHANGE, it's truly up to the community to make them! Instead of complaining lets take action and find members of the community that are willing to go up against the current boad memebers in the next election where we are to vote for them.
If you want CHAMGE sometimes you have to MAKE them yourself!

Anonymous said...

In reference to dress codes, I am wondering if there is one for teachers? I have been in elementary schools and have seen teachers dressed very inappropriately - skirts too short and tops that leave little to the imagination. How can we ask students to have a dress code when teachers don't follow it?

Anonymous said...

What used to be common sense no longer seems to be present among students, parents, or teachers. It makes common sense to cover one's body and be modest. It's not happening--teachers, parents, and students alike are dressing provocatively. I saw some parents at freshman orientation who were suggestively dressed (clevage showing, short skirts, etc), so how can we expect our students to adhere to the dress code? And you're right, there are teachers who are not as modest as they should be. Maybe it's time to go to uniforms.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous commenter. If you really want to solve a appearance problem, then go to sress codes for staff and students. There are many more merits than just appropriatness, for example professional looking staff, gang activity, etc...

Anonymous said...

Someone asked for suggestions.

I think the suggestion of uniforms is perfect.

Let's do it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah this "preppie" system would actually do that....It would be wonderful if they would, but it'll never happen.
Call me negative, whatever. It's true...