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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


During its regular meeting on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 the Board of School Trustees:

Commended Wawasee High School student Leah Bateman for being selected to the 2008 Indiana All-State Orchestra, where she will play cello

Accepted a $2800 donation from the Milford PTO to do some landscaping at the various entrances to the school

Received the following support personnel resignations:

Mrs. Deb Sweazy as Special Ed Paraprofessional at WHS

Mrs. Alana Adamaitis as Special Ed Paraprofessional at Milford School

Approved the following support personnel for employment:

James Yeager--Special Ed paraprofessional at Milford

Suzanne Sullivan--Special Ed paraprofessional at Milford

Andrew Vester--3rd shift custodian at WHS

Don Bice--Bus Driver for route # 36

Sally McKee--Bus Driver for route # 20

Accepted the following certified personnel items:

Jeanette Wood--3rd grade teacher at Syracuse--retirement 1/1/08

Jeff Reed--5th grade teacher at North Webster--resignation effective 10/31/07

Agreed to the following certified personnel for employment:

Ryan Engelberth--temporary 5th grade teacher at North Webster

Heather Clevenger--temporary 1/2 time social studies teacher at WMS

Authorized for payment, claims for the period 10/3/07 through 11/3/07

Heard a report on Reading and Writing Workshops as presented by Mrs. Deb Gaby and Mrs. Ruth Ayres

Accepted the financial report as presented by Mr. Evans

Authorized Superintendent Kline to obtain bid specifications for the new bus garage

Received the Curriculum and Instruction Report as presented by Mrs. Goshert

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