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Monday, March 17, 2008

WCSC Waiver for MIssed Instructional Days

The Wawasee Community School Corporation will apply to the Indiana Department of Education for a waiver of financial penalty for canceled instructional days missed during the 2007-08 school year. Unusually severe winter weather caused Wawasee to dismiss classes on seven student instructional days. The Department of Education adopted a policy for this year only allowing school districts to request a waiver for two out of every three days missed after four days. Wawasee is requesting a waiver for the two days missed after the initial five days.
If the waiver is approved, the last day for students will be Friday, May 30. Graduation will occur on that evening.
The final teacher work day will be on Monday, June 2.


Anonymous said...

When will we find this information out?


Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Edington said...

We should have an answer from the state about our appeal by the time we return from Spring Break. We do expect our appeal for the two days to be approved.

Jackie said...

This is wonderful new. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I know the Seniors will be really happy if this comes through. I will too, even though my children aren't in High School yet.

Great job Wawasee Schools and Staff.