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Monday, October 06, 2008

Teen Parents Succeeding Grant

The Teen Parents Succeeding program serving Wawasee High School student/parents is receiving a grant award from the Indiana Youth Institute on Thursday, October 9, at 3:30pm at the TPS facility on 604 S. Poplar Dr. in Syracuse. Please feel free to join the celebration! Thanks to a hard-working board for supporting our young people when they need help the most.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful program that should be embraced by our community. These kids need our support and guidance now that they are parents and have a greater responsibility other than themselves. Please continue to post updates on this program--including when they have fundraisers--so that our corporation and community can help support those involved.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Since I have heard of this program I have wanted to hear more on volunteering there.

I think this is a wonderful program that can help gear teen mothers to not only complete high school, but also take care of their family in the future.

Anonymous said...

I believe that these teenage children who choose to engage in adult behavior need to raise their children. That being said, I think TPS can be used for those teens that take responsibility for their behavior and work to support their new family or complete their education. I do not believe, however, that teen parents should abuse the help provided. I see many teens using TPS and then carrying on as if their child is someone else's responsiblilty by continuing in extra-curricular school sponsored endeavors. Again, the idea is good, I just don't want to see it being abused and taken advantage of by teens who have chosen to act like an adult for a short time and then expect to continue in the irresponsible behavior that put them in that position to begin with.

Pam Rensberger said...

Teenage pregnancy will always be an emotionaly charged topic, and there are no easy answers. The national statistics are not in the favor of teen parents. A high school education is essential.
Teen Parents Succeeding is always on the lookout for volunteers to help bring new ideas and suggestions to the table -
one exciting project looming ahead is the formation of a teen mentoring program. Volunteers are welcomed to be a part of this.
More information can be found on the TPS website at:

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that TPS should not be abused. On the other hand, shouldn't the girls get a chance at still being a kep.

Yes they mad a mistake, but should the miss everything for this?

Yes take responsibility, but don't make them miss every high school experience.

Anonymous said...

Teen age parents is a fact of life now a days, and I would like to see the school give most usefull support to them parents.

I have three step children who attend Wawasee, and two of my own children who attend close by school.

2 of my step children went into wawasee's alternative, one of which sadly will be a parent in the begining of next year. Why does the alternative school not offer any vacational studdies for these student? I know at my own childrens school the slternative school requires these students to attend 4 hours a day in a class room setting doing most work also on the computer through a stytem like Plato but then they are also requried to attend a vacational school for at least 3 hours a day, this is used to earn their elective credits. At least this way these students have some kinds of extra education when they exit school. I mean lets face it most of these students aren't going to collage and at least this way it gives them a fighting chance in the world, and as working adults they are giving back rather to the school and the country in the form of taxes rather then living on welfare and straining the system. Plus it gives they's babies they are having a fighting chance they other wise may not have.

Ellen Stevens, Principal said...

Students at the Academy will be encouraged to take vocational classes as they set schedules and complete their programs. This is a change in practice for our students and they will work closely with their guidance counselors to determine what is needed to complete their education. Many times the students must master the academics needed for a diploma and time to complete the requirements and travel to some of the programs becomes problematic for the student. For example, if a student wants to take a welding class, that class is held in Warsaw and is a two-year class. We work closely with Phil Metcalf, our Vocational Director, and have made attempts to connect students with our vocational program. If you have questions regarding this practice, please talk with your student's guidance counselor, the Academy Director or the high school principal.

Ellen Stevens, Principal

Anonymous said...

TPS seems to be a fantastic help for the girls who are already pregnant, but I want to know what the community is doing to educate these teens so they avoid the situation??

Too many times I hear about the girls that think it's perfectly ok that they are having a baby at this age. Other girls hear that and think it's no big deal if it happens to them too. When I hear that our town has the highest teen pregancy rate in the state, I think maybe this is a WAR we need to fight to keep them safe from their own choices and not just a sad situation we try to deal with after it happens.

Anonymous said...

Parents--wake up! It is your responsibility to teach your children the values and morals of pre-marital sex. The school already has so much to do in teaching of academics. While our health classes offer some sex education, it should simply be an extension of what is being taught at home.

Becoming a parent is a HUGE responsibility. Pre-teens and teenagers need to taught that parenthood is best suited for emotional maturity levels beyond adolescence.

Anonymous said...

I think the schools need to teach sex education sooner. I was 5 months pregnant when my school started sex ed. I blame my parents the most though since they never talked to me themselves and relied on the school to do it. Sadly, it was too late and I was pregnant at 13...a mother at 14. I'm still struggling 15 years later to get ahead. Best of luck to these children, they will need it.

Anonymous said...

Teen Parents Succeeding is an incredible program that is greatly beneficial to us teen mothers. We conduct weekly meetings with our director and we have Parent Enrichment Group meetings once a week as well. These meetings give us very helpful information about life and about our children. Being a participant, I have been very informed about college and about paths that can lead my little family to success in our future. Without TPS, I would not be heading to college, and my children would not be benefited with the everyday activities and learning experiences that they encounter at the facility. It is a great program and very helpful to us mothers. There are consequences for us if we choose to abuse the program and many rewards for us if we use it correctly.

Anonymous said...

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