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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WCSC School Board Meeting - October 14, 2008

The Wawasee Community School Corporation Board of Education met on Tuesday, October 14, 2008, in the Wawasee Middle School lecture room.

President George Gilbert called the meeting to order, WMS students Chad Eppley and Jacob Schwartz led the pledge, and principal Tony Cassel offered the invocation.

Donations were received from Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Schrock ($1000) and the Knights of Columbus ($500) for the WHS athletic department and an anonymous donor ($710) for the WMS Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Minutes, support personnel recommendations, certified personnel recommendations, and claims were approved.

1028 Hearings on proposed facility projects were held. Architect Kari Vilamaa and financial consultant Phil Gutman discussed the scope and financing of the various projects. One patron spoke in opposition to the projects, due to the poor economic conditions at present. At the conclusions of the hearings, the Board voted to proceed with the projects as described. Resolutions to move forward with bonding, an additional spending appropriation for 2009 to begin the projects, and advertising for an energy savings company were also adopted.

The financial report through September was received, along with a 2nd reading for a policy to set criteria for accepting transfer students.

Dr. Bob Cockburn discussed results from the beginning of the school year NWEA assessments.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction Joy Goshert brought the Board up to date on workshops and curriculum work.

The Board will send several representatives to the October 21 Indiana School Board Association workshop in Plymouth.

The next regular meeting of the board will take place at 5:30pm on Tuesday, November 11, at Syracuse Elementary School.


Anonymous said...

A quick question about the building project...are the added rooms at Milford going to be designed (age appropriate) as kindergarten rooms? There are certain features that would really be helpful to all day kindergarten.

Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Edington said...

An addition to Milford School may take the form of two, new kindergarten rooms. It may, though, be the addition of other classrooms, with vacated ones in the present building used for kindergarten. Or, it may be the addition of a new office area, with the present office converted to other uses to free up additional classroom space in the present facility. New proposals may come from the staff or the architect.
The solution for Milford's space situation will be addressed next year at this time in planning for the 2010 construction season.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that you are going to burden the taxpayers of this community during these tough economic times, to even consider building onto Milford school at this time is totally irresponsible. If you need extra space for all day kindergarden I am sure there are better options.

Anonymous said...

And I would assume you would be the first to gripe if your child was sitting in an overcrowded room and on of 40 students being taught by one teacher. Get a clue you tight wad.

Anonymous said...

I was told today by a teacher that they were not supposed to share who they were voting for. Why would the administration try to keep a teacher from sharing their input on such a big subject? I believe that teachers should tell who they are voting for if they want to. Open discussion should be allowed on such a huge subject. Yet again the Wawasee Administration fails again.

Anonymous said...

It would depend on who they are discussing it with. If it with peers and adults I would see no reason to stifle the conversation. However, if a teacher discussed with their students who they were voting for I would think this would fall somewhere around the line of unprofessionalism. Educators are to prepare kids to make up their own mind. They could give pros and cons for each candidate. They could lead a classroom discussion where students discuss candidates and who they see as most capable. They should guide, direct the discussion, etc., but to put themselves in a position of influencing students by sharing who they are voting for seems to be something that could be left out.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of at the top...maybe we could start hiring teachers and administrators from our own communities...too many are leaving and taking talent elsewhere while those we are hiring from other places have little attachment to our community and often leave soon or never move here

Anonymous said...

I had many discussions with my elementary students about the candidates. We discussed openly who we were voting for, why we voted for them, where they stood on certain positions (age appropriate of course). I didn't try to brainwash my students on the matter. After the election concluded, there was some gloating and we talked to length about how people are going to have to come together now, and about how someone would always be unhappy, but the fact was Obama won and part of our responsibility as citizens is to support our president.

Anonymous said...

Warsaw and Whitko are on delay. Are we?