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Friday, December 12, 2008

Girls Basketball Hall of Fame Classic

Wawasee High School is pleased to announce the Lady Warriors will participate in the 2008 City Securities Hall of Fame Basketball Classic on December 29th. This prestigious basketball event is held at New Castle High School – the largest high school basketball arena in the nation. The Warriors will play in the second morning game –vs- Oak Hill (12 noon) and again that evening against Ben Davis or Connersville.

Tickets are now available – great for you or perhaps for you to purchase as a Christmas Holiday gift. Fans will see some of Indiana’s best basketball and have an opportunity to visit the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame located across the street from New Castle High School.

Presale tickets are a great deal! Ticket prices that day at the door will be $10.00 for each session, morning and evening. Presale tickets at Wawasee are $10.00 for the entire day. Tickets will be available at all home girls’ basketball games and school hours in the athletic office through Friday, December 19, 2008.


Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the girls team was taken out of school and substitute teachers hired so that they could go and practice down there? The last I checked all high school basketball courts in Indiana are the same size and the floors are made of wood. It just seems like a wasted expense all the way around. It is not even a tournament game....I think priorities are a little out of whack on this one....

Anonymous said...

I believe the girls were take down for a practice on a day in which we didn't have school (between trimesters, I believe). They were never out of class for practice.

Judging from the scores of most games they play, the girls basketball team may actually get some competition at this tournament. Let's encoourage the girls to do their best and not fret about them going to that court for practice.

Anonymous said...

They were taken out of school on a regular school day and a sub was hired. That is a needless waste of resources.

Anonymous said...

The girls were NOT taken out of school. They went on Monday, November 17th, which was not a student day. No subs were hired for anyone involved with the team.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about the third poster here. I hope that in the future everyone will think before they post. That third poster speaks as though their statement is the truth, when in fact it is false. I teach next door to Kem Zolman. Two of the star players are students in my calculus class. None of these people, nor anyone else was taken out of school for a practice day for the tournament. No sub was hired. Please refrain from stating falsehoods as though they were the truth. That causes concern for some readers and anger for others, when such reactions are unwarranted.

Thanks for considering the habit of thinking before you post. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Cherie Martin
WHS Mathematics

Lance Lannen said...

I believe that it is a good experience for the girls to participate in this sort of event. The competition is high, therefore, they are practicing discipline, team work, and strategy. We practice the same thing in school almost everyday and i believe that there should be no complaining about this. These girls have worked really hard and do not get opportunities like this very often. We should be encouraging these girls to do their best and have fun to get a good experience that they will remember in the future. I recently attended their basket ball game at New Castle yesterday and i was impressed with how the girls worked together and overcame some pretty good odds even though the final result was unfortunate. They played really well and i congratulate them on one of the best games i have ever seen in girls basketball.

Lance Lannen
WHS Student

wel said...

Go Giants!!!