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Friday, December 26, 2008

T’is the Season to Earn Credits

With a new director and a new staff member, Wawasee Academy has a new flavor. The classroom has a fish theme. In the Academy, FISH stands for “Fresh Ideas Start Here.” Students are motivated with fish-themed quotes and fish-shaped chips they collect and redeem for treats when they are “caught” being good. First trimester at the Academy was an enormous success. Students earned 62 credits, and we celebrated our first graduate! This trimester, students have already earned twelve more credits with several awaiting approval.

In October, the Academy sent out numerous emails and letters to members of the Wawasee corporation, business owners, and non-profit organizations asking for a “hand up.” We have been scouring the community for donations of equipment, educational materials, and monetary gifts to sponsor GED candidates.

We have been overwhelmed by support! Cindy Pierce of North Webster Elementary donated a full truck load of equipment for our gym. We have new machines and a “ton” of new weights. Now everyone can get “buff”!

We are thrilled by the generosity of our area service clubs. The Sons of the American Legion donated $100 for our GED candidates. The Lakeland Eagles donated $120. Most recently, the Milford Kiwanis Club offered to sponsor our Milford-native GED candidates. The North Webster Women’s Auxiliary donated $500. The GED test costs between $50 and $60 depending on the testing site. We have all of our current GED candidates covered!

During this seasonal time of generosity, the staff and students at the Academy cannot thank our community enough. It really does take a village to raise a child, and we feel like a great big happy family here! All in all, the “new” Academy has had a tremendous start with very driven, serious students who are getting caught up to grade level and many at the brink of graduation.

-Anne Rackely, Director of Wawasee Academy

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Anonymous said...

As long as the deliquents have a chance. What about the kids that don't get in trouble and sent to the academy the results of the Istep speaks for its self these kids need you attention. For the first time my child struggled on them. The english class teaches nothing high school is going to be rough on these kids. But i can always tell my student just aim lower and get academy then you will have the Fish program, give me a break!