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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Wawasee Community School Corporation honored the corporation's retirees at the June 8, 2010, school board meeting. The retirees are:

Carolyn Baker, Milford School PE Teacher, 32 1/2 yrs WCSC experience, 34 1/2 yrs total experience
J. Francis Denton, WMS Science Teacher, 21 yrs WCSC experience, 44 yrs total experience
Tamara Hess, WMS Language Arts Teacher, 19 yrs WCSC experience, 22 yrs total experience
Karen Hoffert, 2nd grade NWES Teacher, 22 yrs WCSC experience, 22 yrs total experience
Mary Elizabeth Hoffman, NWES PE Teacher, 31 yrs WCSC experience, 33 yrs total experience
Stephen Hunsberger, WHS Guidance Counselor, 22 yrs WCSC experience, 43 yrs total experience
Cheryll Martin, WHS Math Teacher, 18 yrs WCSC experience, 22 yrs total experience
Patricia Mikel, Corporation High Ability, 21 1/2 yrs WCSC experience, 26 1/2 yrs total experience
Elaine Miller, SES Guidance Counselor, 19 yrs WCSC experience, 33 yrs total experience
Edward Parks, WMS Assistant Principal, 9 yrs WCSC experience, 36 yrs total experience
Cynthia Pierce, NWES Guidance Counselor, 15 yrs WCSC experience, 29 yrs total experience
Judy Setlak*, WMS PE Teacher, 18 1/2 yrs WCSC experience, 22 1/12 yrs total experience
*Also worked as a paraprofessional for 1 1/2 years.
Ellen Steven, WHS Principal, 6 yrs WCSC experience, 31 yrs total experience
M. Kristine Ummel, NWES 4th Grade Teacher, 33 yrs WCSC experience, 37 yrs total experience

Wawasee Community Schools wish to thank each of the retirees for their many years of dedicated service and wish them the best with their future endeavors.

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