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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ISTEP+ Results for Spring 2010

On Wednesday, June 16, 2010, the Indiana Department of Education released the Spring 2010 ISTEP+ results. Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett said that "81 percent percent of public schools increased the percentage of students passing both the English/language arts and Mathematics portions of the ISTEP+." Wawasee Community School Corporation and its schools are a part of that 81 percent.

As a corporation, we are generally pleased with the results, yet we understand we need to continue to improve in all areas. Our teachers, students, and administrators have worked hard, and the instructional coaches have been an asset to our teachers to improve instruction.

WCSC students in grades 3-8 went from 70.88% of its students passing English/Language Arts in spring 2009 to 75.76% of its students passing in spring 2010. In math, the corporation students increased from 76.82% passing to 81.63% passing. The percent of students passing both English/Language Arts and math improved from 65.2% passing to 70.9% passing.

To look at results by grade level and by school, you can go to the ISTEP+ results on the Indiana Department of Education website.

A little over 2 percent of the WCSC student pupulation in grades 3-8 took the new Indiana Modified Achievement Standards Test (IMAST), but we will not receive the results of that assessment until late August or early September.

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