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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Registration and Online Registration

Online registration will work much like the process did when you went to the school for registration. There will be forms to fill out, forms to pick up with information, and fees to pay. When our process is finalized, you will be able to complete the entire process online, including the payment. At this time, we are still negotiating our online payment contract. We want to make sure that the online payment company and procedures we use are correct the first time. We hope to have it finished soon, but it may not be available when online registration first opens on July 26.

The online process will work in the following way:

First you will go to our corporation website ( On the page you will find a link to the Online Registration site. On that site are documents for each school building in folders. You should go to each folder and view or download all of the relevant documents for your student(s). Some of these documents may require you to print a copy and fill it out to turn into the office of the school your student attends. In addition, the forms and information for bus assignments, bus rules, free and reduced lunches, school insurance, and online payments will be available in the Central Office folder.

Once, you have collected the forms and information you need, you will log in to your Harmony Web Portal account to finish the registration process. From there you will be able to make demographic changes and complete the information we need in our student management database for your student.

Finally, when the online payment option is available, it will appear as a link in the Harmony Web Portal. You will then be able to make fee payments and lunch deposits online. Currently, you will need to bring in completed forms and make payments at your student's school.

There will be regular registration days at each school again this year when parents can come in and register, or drop off forms, text book rental fees (K-8), and lunch deposits. High school parents will be notified when they can pay text book rental fees.

Registration Dates are:

Syracuse, North Webster, & Milford Schools: Thursday, August 5, and Monday, August 9, from noon to 7:00 P.M.

Wawasee Middle and Wawasee High School: Monday, August 9, and Tuesday, August 10, from noon to 7:00 P.M.

Elementary Textbook Rental Fees are as follows:

Kindergarten - $88.95
First Grade - $114.40
Second Grade - $119.50
Third Grade - $127.75
Fourth Grade - $102.25
Fifth Grade - $99.30


Anonymous said...

What happens if we can't get the vaccines required before school starts? The shot clinic has been full & some doctors don't have them.

Myra Alexander, RN said...

Indiana Code 20-34-4-5 allows 20 days for parents to have the required immunizations administered. We are aware that the Health Dept and local doctors are doing the best they can to vaccinate our student population.
Please continue to communicate with the School Nurse about vaccination dates.
IC 20-34-4-5
Statement of immunization history; waiver; rules
Sec. 5. (a) Each school shall require the parent of a student who has enrolled in the school to furnish not later than the first day of school a written statement of the student's immunization, accompanied by the physician's certificates or other documentation, unless a written statement of this nature is on file with the school.
(b) The statement must show, except for a student to whom IC 20-34-3-2 or IC 20-34-3-3 applies, that the student has been immunized as required under section 2 of this chapter. The statement must include the student's date of birth and the date of each immunization.
(c) A student may not be permitted to attend school beyond the first day of school without furnishing the written statement, unless:
(1) the school gives the parent of the student a waiver; or
(2) the local health department or a physician determines that the student's immunization schedule has been delayed due to extreme circumstances and that the required immunizations will not be completed before the first day of school.
The waiver referred to in subdivision (1) may not be granted for a period that exceeds twenty (20) days. If subdivision (2) applies, the parent of the student shall furnish the written statement and a schedule, approved by a physician or the local health department, for the completion of the remainder of the immunizations.
(d) The state department of health may commence an action against a school under IC 4-21.5-3-6 or IC 4-21.5-4 for the issuance of an order of compliance for failure to enforce this section.