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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Boomerang Backpacks

Syracuse Elementary is once again participating in the Boomerang Backpack program.

Boomerang Backpacks has one mission: To nourish low-income elementary students on weekends by providing backpacks full of food, and to inspire high school students to experience community service through project-based learning and student internships.

The Boomerang Backpack program is a free weekend food distribution program that provides students enrolled in free/reduced lunch programs a backpack filled with healthy foods for the weekend. The Boomerang Backpack program's motto is "Helping to fight childhood hunger one Boomerang Backpack at a time." The Boomerang Backpack program also provides community service opportunites for at risk youth enrolled in alternative learning options and work based learning experiences for special needs children.

The results of this program are expected to increase attendance on Fridays, as this is when the backpacks are handed out, and improved achievement on Mondays from a weekend filled of nourishment. And of course, nourishing the students.

You can partner with Boomerang Backpacks by volunteering your time, individual donation, or corporate partnerships. Find out what you can do today by visiting

Individual donations may be sent to:

Syracuse PTO
c/o Syracuse Elementary
502 W. Brooklyn St.
Syracuse, IN 46567

Thank you!

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