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Friday, October 15, 2010

WHS Boil Advisory and School Bus Update

On Thursday, October 14, a pickup truck side swiped one of our school buses on Indiana 13 south of Syracuse. No students were riding on the bus, and the bus driver did not suffer injuries. The pick up driver was extracted from the vehicle and taken by ambulance for emergency medical care. Our driver's quick actions averted a more serious accident. Thanks to those school employees and emergency personnel who responded quickly to the accident.

Wawasee High School is currently under a Boil Order. On Thursday, October 14, the water main serving Wawasee High School developed a leak. Currently, Wawasee High School has water, but you cannot drink it. The water is fine for other uses. Both the career/technical building and the Academy are without water at this time. Portable toilets are set in both locations. It is anticipated that the water for those buildings will be back on early this morning, after repairs have been completed.

WHS and other buildings on campus have 4,000 bottles of water, in addition to larger bottles to be used in the kitchen and cafeteria.

We'll also have bottled water available for tonight's home football game vs. Goshen. The restrooms at the football field are operational.

Two water tests, Friday and Saturday, must be conducted before we're allowed to drink the water at WHS. Until that time, WHS will remain under a Boil Order.

Under the Boil Notice, any water intended for consumption or full body contact will need to be boiled for 5 minutes. The reason for boiling the water is to remove possible contamination due to the loss of water pressure. The water will be fit to consume and use after laboratory analysis proves that the water is safe. Once the water is proven safe, the boil order notice will be rescinded.

Thanks to all of those who have worked to make school possible at WHS today.

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