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Friday, February 25, 2005

More Legislation

Some of you might like the ammendments below. Some might not. However, you feel, let them know.

Click on the Indiana Principal's Site for info or the Legislative Zip Code to send e-mails.

HB1812 with School Uniform Ammendment
HB 1812 began as a legal settlement bill. It changed the standard for determining when a student who resides with a person other than the student's parents will be treated as having a legal settlement in the school corporation attendance area where the child resides rather than the school corporation attendance area where a parent resides in cases in which the child is relocated for the purpose of attending a particular school. Adopted by committee February 8, the bill is on second reading. An amendment to the bill by Representative Noe has become a school uniform directive without opportunity for testimony. It reads: “The governing body of a school corporation shall adopt and implement a school uniform policy for students enrolled in the school corporation in kindergarten through grade 12.”

House Bill 1009, the Voucher Bill
This bill passed out of House Ways and Means Thursday morning. IT IS UP FOR A VOTE ON THE HOUSE FLOOR MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28. Please contact your representative and let them know how you feel. It comes to a vote Monday. Please note that:· When funding for public schools is at such a low level it is not a good time to direct dollars that could be dedicated to the public school funding formula away from those schools.· The dollars would go to private schools even if the private school and the student funded never demonstrated attainment under NCLB.· The fiscal impact for the three-year period defined is substantial--$11.4 million in 2007, $17.1 million in 2008, and $63 million for 2009.· The funding source was changed from direct school revenue to the state’s general fund. The state’s general fund provides revenue for public schools, Medicaid, corrections, and any other item within the state’s budget.

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