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Thursday, February 10, 2005

WMS Principal Prints Correction

Ms. Swartzentruber, Principal at Wawasee Middle School, has announced a correction to the newspaper article that appeared in the Wednesday, February 9, 2005 Times-Union paper. A parent stated in the public portion of the meeting that there were 13 special education students in her child's general education class of 23. According to Ms. Swartzentruber there are actually 8 students in that particular midddle school classroom during that period. Assigned to that class are also a special education teacher and on most days a paraprofessional during that time period. Although there were 23 students at one point there are now 20 total students during that class period.

The newspaper accurately reported the parent's comments but the parent evidently did not have all the correct information.

We are all concerned about the rising expectations and the rising number of students with difficulties, so this is not meant to imply the parent shouldn't have concerns about her child's education or any other child's right to a good education.

I just thought the information should be accurate.

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