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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Putting Budgets in Perspective

Sometimes it is hard for people to create meaning from all the budget and finance numbers that get thrown around. But to put some of it in perspective, below is a quote from the ISTA Hotline:

Growing enrollment schools also take a hit, receiving far less than is needed to meet their needs. Hamilton Southeastern Schools received the 4th highest increase in the state but will still be a whopping $ 9 million short of needed funds. The budget proposal under-estimates their projected enrollment growth by nearly 900 students - students the schools must educate regardless of the funding shortfall.

While there are some property tax increases to help get schools to 7/10th of a 1% average increase state-wide, all but 40 school districts in the state still receive less than the 2.75% increase to stay even with inflation. One hundred fifty three school districts receive NO increase or a CUT in 2006 compared to 2005. The rest don't receive enough to keep pace with growing enrollments.

Hamilton Southeastern Schools is said to be $9 million short of needed funds. Using an apples-to-apples comparison and using our enrollment figures, Wawasee by this same definition would be considered $2,158,151 "short of needed funds."

Hamilton Southeastern does indeed have a problem. But, using the same measuring stick, Wawasee has a major problem as well.

The Fort Wayne Gazette ran this newspaper article on the problem. (Click here for the article.)

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