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Saturday, March 05, 2005


Over on The Super's Blog , Indiana Super is using satire again. This time, to point out that Governor Daniel's new educational policy advisor, David Shane has never worked in public schools but still gets to influence education policy in a big way.

Dr. SueEllen Reed has been totally out of the picture. She got 8,000 more votes than the governor and she is a Republican. But, because she supports public schools and worked closely with a Democrat governor that worked hard to improve public education instead of disband it, she has been put out to pasture.

Put The Super's Blog and The Wawascene on your favorites list and stop in whenever you are on the internet. Send it to any friends or parents that have interest in public education. We are also putting up other school blog sites as they pop up. You will also notice Whitko and Plymouth on the Links section of this page now.

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