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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Talking about schools, who are the "rich," and who are the "poor?"

This article from the South Bend Tribune quotes protesters saying, "The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer."

I just want to clarify, Who are the poor in this quote?

The quote is referring to schools that have high numbers of students who live in poverty (urban) AND school districts that are at the bottom of the state rankings in dollars per child (mostly rural - but some growing suburban schools as well now).

Because of our county's lake culture, we get unfairly labeled "rich." While we have a significant number of students living in rural poverty, we still lose because the state formula gives most of the money to schools with huge numbers of at-risk students and students with English as their second language. Under the new funding formula, money will be withheld from us, and sent to growing suburban schools. Schools that do need the money badly.

So what is our gripe? Most of those schools get more money per child than we do already. Now we get even less and they get more. Don't blame the growing schools. The problem is that the inequities are growing.

Have you e-mailed your legislators from home yet? Please consider giving them your opinion.


  1. Skim the papers to make sure you know the name of a bill or legislative action you want to comment on. (See short list below)
  2. Hint: Click on The Super's Blog Link on the side of this page and you will see the name of all the main Indiana newspapers on line. Read up on some to make sure you know about the bill or issue.
  3. Click on the legislator web sticker on the side of this page.
  4. Put in your zip code and address and you will find your legislator's e-mail address.
  5. Thank them for their time and sacrifice as a public servant.
  6. State your opinion politely.
  7. Thank them for their time.

A few important bills that affect education:

1. SB 200 – Core 40 Unfunded Curriculum Mandate
2. SB 231 – Unfunded Kindergarten Entrance Age Date Change
3. SB 281 – Private School Vouchers, Unfunded Tuition Tax Credits for private schools, and Transfer Tuition Discounts;
4. SB 371 – Unfunded Increase in the Dropout Age; Unfunded Spring I-STEP testing; Professional Standards Board changes;
5. SB 598 – Diverting Common School and Alternative Ed Funds from traditional Public Schools to Charter Schools.

At least you did your part.

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