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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Warriors Advance to Semi-state!

Wow. Another good game by quality athletes and students in front of quality fans and Warrior supporters.

After the game another superintendent came over and congratulated us for our students and fans and acknowledged how much respect he has for our student body and the way they conduct themselves. The word he used was "class."

We are proud of our students and fans and the way they support us .

Now we get to take on Plymouth in the semi-state. We have a score to settle! A triple overtime loss!

OK - Staff and community. What should Wawasee put up for one of those friendly wagers with the Plymouth superintendent? Dr. Hill reads this site every week ( when he isn't getting yelled at for snow or fog) - so I know he'll see this!

What should it be? A Dave Butler designed shirt? A dinner trip on the USS Lillypad? How about a custom designed sandwich at Pat's Chicago Dog's. I can see it now - it will be a sandwich called "The Blueberry Stomp!" It will be a chicken sandwich with a stomped blueberry glaze on it. We'll name it after Dr. Hill and put it on Pat's board next to the "Bill Dixon" and "Tom Thornburg" under the heading "Locally Famous Sandwiches."

Any ideas? Post a comment.


Anonymous said...

Wawasee will kick-but over the Plymouth Pilgrims this time. They were playing without their top scorer the last time. They can't match our inside game or outstide game. Basically, they can't match much. We will win so bet a lot of money!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mark Stock is a real gambler......a bet is only good if you know that lossing is a possibility! Go Warriors

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in what WE get when WE WIN! Dr. Hill has asked for help naming a new elementary school. He wants to inspire excellence. How about Wawasee! Go Warriors!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..can't wait to read this BLOG next week after the game has been played. Maybe you'll need to consider re-naming one of the WaNee schools....Edison Elementary, or maybe a cafeteria in honor of the game's leading score, the Benge. You get the idea. Anyway, it's great that a team from the NLC will be playing for the State title. Good luck to both teams!

Anonymous said...

WaNee can name their schools whatever they'd like.