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Friday, April 29, 2005

Misleading Politics

This has been one of the most misleading and frustrating years for politics that I can remember.

It looks like the budget bill will pass without the additional taxes such as cigarettes, gambling etc. This allows the legislators who pledged "no new taxes" to mislead the public by saying they didn't vote to raise taxes.

Here is the big lie.

What they have actually done is to shift the responsibility to pay for school expenses over to local property taxes. With the states plan to cap property tax replacement credit - it means any new expenses in the future will also be passed along to the local property tax payer.

The bottom line is simple. Wawasee schools will probably receive LESS money than last year AND the local property tax payer will have their taxes increased. State officials will brag and say they kept their promise not to raise taxes.

It will NOT be true.

Here is a press release that explains more of it in detail if you are interested.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you exchanged "misleading" to "policiticed" it would make more sense. Hmmm, I wonder what was different about this year from past years. Now we know why we were warned to "buckle our seat belts." Looking for the truth has just become a much bumpier ride.